System Updates: Version 3.5.1

Read about the latest improvements and features we've added to the Salon by Premier Software product.

New Features and Changes

We regularly introduce new features into our software products. The following new features or changes have been included in this release.

Blank Pricing Structures

It is no longer possible to create a new, blank price structure. You can still create a new price structure by copying an existing price structure first, and then change the relevant prices. If you really wish to create a new, blank price structure, please contact our support team who can do this for you.

Our ref: SBP-1070

SalonSpy Integration URL

SalonSpy integration URL has been changed from


Our ref: SBP-1081


We regularly review client feedback and support issues. The following items have been resolved in this release.

Amend Receipt

When amending receipts and then reprinting a bill, the system was diplaying todays date for the receipt date. We have updated this to show the correct date in which the original bill was completed.

Our ref: SBP-1025

Amend Receipts

When amending a receipt, no issues happen with the total to pay

Our ref: SBP-1080

Amend Receipts

When amending the receipt of a bill that had additional treatments/ services added, with a quantity greater than 1, the unit price would be re-calculated incorrectly.

This has been addressed.

Our ref: SBP-1075

Amend Receipts

You can now process a amendment to a bill through amend receipts without any issues occurring.

Our ref: SBP-1062

Amend Receipts issue

When on amend receipts and you change the payment method, no issues will occur

Our ref: SBP-1082

Birthday Marketing email

Changed the marketing client screen to have an option to enable/disable birthday options entirely and allow the user to select 0 days from now as an option to send birthday related marketing on the same day. Days option now will send an email on the selected number of days before only. E.g selected 3 days before will only send an email 3 days before instead of 3, 2 and 1 days before the clients birthday

Our ref: SBP-1072

Cancellation Charge in Amend Receipts

When reopening a bill in amend receipts that includes a cancellation payment, you can now choose the staff member to ensure that the correct commission is given.

Our ref: SBP-1069

Client Credit Card Details

When entering a clients credit card details on the client card and then navigating to different tabs, the system now stores the details correctly

Our ref: SBP-1018

Client Portal Registration Details

Changes have been made to fix an issue with encrypted systems, to ensure that client address details correctly save when being created via the client portal.

Our ref: SBP-1054

Client Record - Account Tab

You can now access the account tab on all client records without an issue.

Our ref: SBP-1068

Client's Gender When Booking Appointments

Online by Premier now checks that a client’s gender matches the gender requirements of an appointment type on booking.

Our ref: SBP-1058

Closing and Reopening Application

When accessing the arrivals screen, closing and reopening the application, the system now loads the ribbon bar correctly

Our ref: SBP-1061

Diary Refresh

When returning to the diary from the arrivals screen, the system will now correctly refresh and display the correct appointment status on the diary (e.g booked, arrived, departed etc).

Our ref: SBP-1057

Future pricing structures for appointments

Change to take into account the date for an appointment when looking at future dates, where a future pricing structure is in place. The correct price will now display

Our ref: SBP-1071

Grouping in Future Appointments Report

The groups in Future Appointments report now includes all days instead of grouping by week.

Our ref: SBP-1032

Highlighting Client Selection Issue

Highlighting Client Selection Issue

Our ref: SBP-1023

Issue with cancellation screen

When cancelling appointments, it no longer asks if you want to delete the selected, but instead shows all the future appointment where you can select the ones you wish to delete. This is consistent on the ‘delete appointment' screen.

Our ref: SBP-1036

Logout Button

When logging out of the software using the logout button then logging back in, you can now use the logout button for a second time.

Our ref: SBP-1052

Loyalty Points Refund

We have corrected an issue that could occur with loyalty points, when refunding an over-paid appointment.

Our ref: SBP-1056

Opening Internal Appointments

We have improved the loading time incurred when clicking on an internal appointment from the diary.

Our ref: SBP-1012

Package Departures

You can now depart a package without any issue.

Our ref: SBP-1067

Package Documents

We have added the ‘package body’ merge field, which can be used for mail and email templates.

Our ref: SBP-1013

Pricing Structure Copy & Paste

We have introduced the ability to copy and paste values into cells within the pricing structure.

Our ref: SBP-1035

Product Waiting List

We have fixed an issue preventing the user from seeing information when selecting to view the product waiting list after exiting Reception.

Our ref: SBP-1043

Reset Confirmation Flags

We have amended the dragging of appointments so that if the appointments start date / time changes, the system will reset the confirmation flag. If the user drags the appointment to a different member of staff at the same time, then the system will not reset, nor will the system reset if the user puts the appointment on the clipboard and then back onto the diary at the same time.

Our ref: SBP-1021

Rota Timeout

Fixed a timeout issue that could occur when applying multi-week staff rotas, with internal appointments (e.g lunch) on them. This will now no longer time out and crash.

Our ref: SBP-1078

RSI points validation

Fixed bug that calculated an incorrect daily RSI point value when moving an appointment

Our ref: SBP-1073

Sending Email Receipts

We have resolved an issue where when sending email receipts, the system intermittently could leave the appointment in a state of arrived.

Our ref: SBP-1065

Spend history

When viewing a clients spend history when there are multiple payment methods, it now shows the correct payment methods against the individual billlines

Our ref: SBP-1044

Spend History

Previously, When viewing a client record and looking at the spend tab. If you click details on a bill that was paid with multiple payment methods only one was actually showing.

Our ref: SBP-985

Staff rota

When saving a rota, if an appointment clashes the report will show and the appointment will not be overbooked.

Our ref: SBP-1079

Stock Delivery

We have corrected a wording issue in the message displayed when backing out of a new delivery.

Our ref: SBP-1040


When selling and redeeming vouchers no issues will now occur.

Our ref: SBP-1060

Vouchers Redeemed

We have amended the vouchers redeemed report to show the client redeeming the voucher, as opposed to the purchaser

Our ref: SBP-1030