System Updates: Version 3.5.0

Read about the latest improvements and features we've added to the Salon by Premier Software product.


We regularly review client feedback and support issues. The following items have been resolved in this release.

Advanced package booking

Previously, the dropdowns for the time of arrival, departure etc were not the sites interval. As well as the times would go out of the site opening and closing times.

Our ref: SBP-991

Appointment Code

We have set the maxium number of characters that can be entered, this was going over the limit of 8. This has now been fixed.

Our ref: SBP-989

Appointments Revenue Dashboard

We have amended the date filters on the Scheduled takings revenue so the TO DATE filters the data to midnight that day.

Our ref: SBP-994

Automatic Capitalisation

We have amended the auto capitalisation functionallity so it now only capitalises the first letter in the text box

Our ref: SBP-993

Client Preferred Staff

We have filtered out inactive staff members from the preferred staff dropdowns

Our ref: SBP-998

End of Day - Text Messaging

We have removed the maximum number of characters limit from the end of day text message numbers field, this now allows multiple numbers to be entered.

Our ref: SBP-999

Future Paid Appointments

For appointments in the future that have a future payment, you can no longer remove or amend the client

Our ref: SBP-1034

Loyalty Reports Report

We have amended the layout of the loyalty reports to show the clients names fully rather than just the first 10 characters.

Our ref: SBP-1011

Prepayments Outstanding Report

The Prepayments Outstanding report now takes all sites into account when calculating the amount of prepayment outstanding, instead of just the site the report was being run for and sold at.

Our ref: SBP-988

Pricing Structures - Stock Tab Order

The ability to order the the stock tab, within pricing structures, by the stock description and reference columns has now been added.

Our ref: SBP-1005

Reports Not Working in PCI-Compliant Environments

The application’s reports would not work in environments where older security protocols TLS 1.0 and 1.1 had been disabled. This update includes the installation of a new version of Crystal Reports and a driver that allows the reports to work in these environments.

After the update, the application will prompt for the installation of 2 new software packages. These must be installed on every client PC for the reports to work in any environment. Depending on the security of your network, this may require Administrator privileges on your computers.

Crystal Reports

64bit Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server

32bit Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server

Our ref: SBP-992

Staff Columns

In the diary, if you have a single appointment for a staff member and then you set the rest of the day to not available, the diary column still remains on the diary as expected.

Our ref: SBP-1017

Staff Schedule Report

We have amended the staff schedule report to dynamically reduce the font size of the Appointment Description column when the Appointment Code and Description character count exceeds 25 characters.

Our ref: SBP-1001

Stock Delivery

When going a delivery but not receiving all goods and the action you take is cancellation the rest of the order will increase the in stock amount for the goods received.

Our ref: SBP-1042

Stock Orders

When clicking on the "nothing to order" checkbox, it no longer adds additional items to the order.

Our ref: SBP-1002

Stock Take Manufacturers

When creating a stock take, you select the manufacturers, click save and then come out of the screen. When you go back into the screen it now populates the correct manufacturers.

Our ref: SBP-1000

Trading Summary Report

We have amended the rounding and decimal places on the trading summary report to now show accurate figures.

Our ref: SBP-987