System Updates: Version 3.3.18

Read about the latest improvements and features we've added to the Salon by Premier Software product.


We regularly review client feedback and support issues. The following items have been resolved in this release.

Amend Retail price from the stock item

When in the stock item screen, you can now amend the retail price instead of going through the pricing structure screen, If asks if you wish to update it for all future prices, if no is clicked then it updates the current pricing structure only

Our ref: SBP-960

Arrivals and the Medical Prompt

The Medical prompt in Arrival Information will now no longer require any action when arriving a client who has completed an up to date Medical Questionnaire, and who has no Medical contra-indications relevant to the appointments they are being arrived for.

Our ref: SBP-907

Arrivals book Next

When paying / departing a client from the arrivals screen, if you have book next appointment enabled, it takes the user to book the clients next appointment screen before returning to and refreshing the arrivals list

Our ref: SBP-1004

Book Next Appointment

We have amended the book next screen to select the correct pricing structure

Our ref: SBP-1027

Client Card Contact Log

When the notes text box is focused, the autologout function is paused in order to stop notes from being lost.

Our ref: SBP-1010

Client consultation Signature

When amending the marketing preferences online we have resolved an issue preventing thr signature from saving

Our ref: SBP-1039

Clients Created in Tablet App

Clients created in the mobile tablet app are now automatically opted in to e-mail and SMS reminders, and no longer opted in to any marketing channels if the "GDPR-compliant marketing" option is enabled.

Our ref: SBP-997

Courses Outstanding Report

We have fixed issue that caused the Courses Outstanding report not to run.

Our ref: SBP-981

Create By Additional

we have adjusted the create by addition button on stock orders so that it is enabled all the time

Our ref: SBP-970

Diary Change Date Buttons

Previously, The change date buttons didn't function correctly.

Our ref: SBP-990

Font On Reports

We have introduced improvements to the layout of some of the reports that cut off in the margains or in certain fields

Our ref: SBP-436

Future Payments on Staff Overview Report

Future payments now show under the "Other" section in the Staff Overview report, instead of Appointments and Categories.

Our ref: SBP-979

Issues with Online Booking After Changing Opening Hours

Changing the site's opening hours to "00:00 - 00:00" no longer causes problems with customers trying to make Online bookings.

Our ref: SBP-977

Linked Appointment Price

When using "use price at time of booking", at the point when the appointment is booked, we not store the price so that when departing the appointment, it shows the correct price

Our ref: SBP-1007

Marketing Dates

We have made some amendments to the visits Marketing to recalculates the dates correctly.

Our ref: SBP-986

Marketing Preferences for Clients Registering Online

E-mail and SMS marketing preferences are now saved correctly for customers who register online.

Our ref: SBP-1028

Marketing Search - Postcode

We have fixed an issue with filtering marketing to specific postal codes

Our ref: SBP-953

Medical Prompt

When booking an appointment for a client that has a medical condition to warn, once acknowledging the medical warning, it enables the green tick to allow the appointment to be booked

Our ref: SBP-902

Medical Prompting for every client

The notification screen no longer prompts for medical, if the client appointment type has no medical types associated with it.

Our ref: SBP-919

Merge Clients

We have amended the merge client functionality so that it sets the first booked appointment date correctly

Our ref: SBP-975

Ordered the future appointment report

We have amended the ordering on the future appointment report to order by the appointment time

Our ref: SBP-955


We have added a message when dragging package appointments to a different date to inform the user that it cannot be done

Our ref: SBP-972

Password Reset Experience

Password resets now automatically try to match a client based on e-mail address alone, if the e-mail address and mobile number do not match exactly.

Our ref: SBP-1006

Product Waiting List

When processing a product on the waiting list, It incorrectly added a stock item, we have amended this to deduct an item into stock correctly

Our ref: SBP-976

Removed Auto capitalisation from standard documents

We have removed Auto capitalisation from standard documents

Our ref: SBP-964

Repeat Booking Price

We have amended the repeat booking functionallity to pull in the staff price rather than the global price.

Our ref: SBP-1033

Reports - Inactive staff

In the reports, when clicking on the 3 dots next to staff, it now filters to the active staff members.

Our ref: SBP-971

Save bills with pre-payments

When saving and loading bills containing pre-payments, it was duplicating the pre-payments each time, we have rectified this issue so that it saves and loads correctly

Our ref: SBP-959

Saved Bill Items

We have removed the ability to deselect saved bill items from the departure screen

Our ref: SBP-966

Staff List

When a staff member has a start date of today, they now no longer appear in the active and inactive list, they only show as active.

Our ref: SBP-961

Stock On Order Level

Previously, when amending a stock order issues could occur with the on order amount. We have corrected this issue.

Our ref: SBP-847

Stock Type Filtering

On the stock search screen, we have fixed an issue with the filtering of stock items using the stock type radio buttons

Our ref: SBP-958