System Updates: Version 3.3.15

Read about the latest improvements and features we've added to the Salon by Premier Software product.

New Features and Changes

We regularly introduce new features into our software products. The following new features or changes have been included in this release.

Additional Appointments Report

Introduced an Additional Appointments Report to report on added appointments.

Our ref: SBP-353

Appointment Frequency Report

We have introduced an Appointment Frequency Report.

Our ref: SBP-351

Appointment Waiting List report

We have introduced an Appointment Waiting List report.

Our ref: SBP-355

Auditing for screen entry

Whenever a user accesses any screen, it is now audited.

Our ref: SBP-19

Auto-capitalisation of surname

Auto-capitalisation has been removed from the client surname to cater for McD, etc. surnames.

Our ref: SBP-186

Barcode Printing for Stock Items

It is now possible to printout barcodes for stock items that don't have a barcode.

Our ref: SBP-357

Client Associations report

We have introduced a Client Associations report.

Our ref: SBP-350

New sections on Appointment Analysis report

We have added new Daily and Weekly sections on the Appointment Analysis report.

Our ref: SBP-354

Show appointment description/code on single slot appointments

Appointment description/code now appears on appointments that only occupy one diary slot.

Our ref: SBP-185

Voucher number auto-capitalisation

The voucher number field now allows capitals to be entered at any point of the number.

Our ref: SBP-363


We regularly review client feedback and support issues. The following items have been resolved in this release.

Appointment Pricing

If you selected an appointment with a monetary value and then changed the appointment type to an appointment priced at zero, it was not updating the price on the review tab. This has now been amended to update correctly.

Our ref: SBP-864

Changing Future Paid Appointment on Departure

Resolved an error when changing the appointment type of a future paid appointment when departing a client.

Our ref: SBP-861

Client Contact Log Lock

When accessing an existing client contact log record, Salon now locks it whilst you make changes so that other users cannot make changes at the time and override your changes.

Our ref: SBP-879

Client Search Permissions

Users who do not have permission to View Client Contact Details are now able to search clients correctly.

Our ref: SBP-867

Depart Package Selection

When a client has a packge that contains selections and additional appointments, when attempting to depart the package, it now pulls through the additional appointments along with the package

Our ref: SBP-927

Internal Appointments Category

When booking an internal appointment, the system default internal appointments types such as Lunch, Not Available, etc. were not appearing under a category, we have amended this so that they now show under the None category.

Our ref: SBP-868

Issue with billing

when a bill has multiple rows, the system was recalculating the bill when accessing the tilling screen, we have amended this to ensure the calculations are done correctly.

Our ref: SBP-924

Loyalty Points when Refunding a Future Payment

Loyalty Points are no longer deducted when refunding a Future Payment.

Our ref: SBP-866

Package booking Additional Deposit

after the deposit has been paid for a package, if the client then has an additional booked and the deposit it paid through the package screen, we have resolved an issue so the correct deposits are taken now.

Our ref: SBP-925

Re-sending email receipts from Client Card

Resolved an error when re-sending a receipt via email from the Spend tab of the Client Card.

Our ref: SBP-844

Scheduled Report

Scheduled reports now correctly state that they are from Salon By Premier Software.

Our ref: SBP-532

Stock used Report Issue

We have corrected the Stock Used report to show the value based on the quantity used, rather than always showing the cost of a single item.

Our ref: SBP-853

System Crash when Setting Default on Account.

Resolved an error when entering a large number into the Default On Account Limit field.

Our ref: SBP-165

Unable to depart a package

we have resolved an issue so that you can now arrive package bookings that have unscheduled appointments

Our ref: SBP-951

Unable to Inactivate Staff Members

Setting the Leaving Date against a staff member at all allocated sites will now correctly mark them as inactive as a whole.

Our ref: SBP-865