System Updates: Version 3.3.14

Read about the latest improvements and features we've added to the Salon by Premier Software product.

New Features and Changes

We regularly introduce new features into our software products. The following new features or changes have been included in this release.

Improvements Posting Images to Facebook

When you select multiple images or photos to upload to Facebook in a Social Media post, Salon by Premier now creates a single post containing all the images, instead of creating one post for each image.

Our ref: SBP-794


We regularly review client feedback and support issues. The following items have been resolved in this release.

Advanced Appointment Search

When searching for an appointment it was showing slots that overlapped booked appointments as we were not taking into consideration the appointment length. This has been updated to check the length now.

Our ref: SBP-807

Allow Room Only Bookings

When booking an appointment for room only, it was showing up with a message saying a staff member needs to be selected, we have added checks in so if you have the allow room booking only setting enabled, it no longer checks the staff member.

Our ref: SBP-709

Appointment checks

Previously, when booking an appointment checks would be ran to ensure the booking can be made, these were being overridden by the medical prompt.

Our ref: SBP-923

Appointment Status Confirmation

When booking an appointment that requires a finishing link and you have the status confirmation screen enabled, it shows a status box for each appointment, we have amended this to only show for the main appointment.

Our ref: SBP-825

Automatic Pricing for Zero-Price Appointments

Corrected an issue that prevents zero-price appointments from being booked online when a percentage discount was also configured on the appointment (e.g. automatic pricing.)

Our ref: SBP-818

Barcode Text Box Allowing Invalid Characters

When adding a new stock item, the barcode field was a text field, this allowed any characters to be entered. We have replaced this with the native barcode field same as other places in the application.

Our ref: SBP-843

Cancel Appointment

When accessing the client card from an appointment, if you delete of cancel an appointment from the visits tab and then return to the appointment and click on the back arrow. It keeps the appointment on the diary. We have added a check when returning to the booking form, if the appointment has been cancelled or deleted, it closes the booking form and refreshes the diary.

Our ref: SBP-816

Client Card Type Validation

We have added validation when adding and amending client card types to remove the ability of having duplicate client card types.

Our ref: SBP-746

Client Types - Caching

We've fixed an issue where the Client Types list wouldn't update when modifying a Client Type.

Our ref: SBP-803

Contact Media Types

When adding or amending contact media types, we now display whether the item is marketing or not.

Our ref: SBP-827

Course Redemptions - Saved Departures

We've fixed an issue where the redemption totals would be calculated incorrectly for saved course redemptions on a departure.

Our ref: SBP-788

Courses Redeemed Showing Negative

When looking at the courses redeemed report, if any of the course items are refunded it shows as a negative on the report, we have adjusted the report to not show it as negative.

Our ref: SBP-819

Departures - Course Redemption Issue

We've fixed an issue where saved bills with course redemptions would cause a minus figure on the final payment screen.

Our ref: SBP-808

Document Branding Validation

When adding a new document branding template, we have added validation to ensure that a name for the document is added.

Our ref: SBP-821

Extending Package Times

When rescheduling an appointment to an alternative time, or moving an appointment off the clipboard, if this is outside of the package time, Salon will now prompt to automatically extend the package to the new appointment time.

Our ref: SBP-800

Incorrect price when cancelling

If the price at time of booking is turned off, it still showed the price at time of booking. We have implemented a check on this property now and it returns the correct price.

Our ref: SBP-805

Issue Setting up Automated Jobs

when configuring reports and marketing to send automatically, when confirming the scheduled job, the dialog now closes automatically.

Our ref: SBP-790

Issue with billing

when a bill has multiple rows, the system was recalculating the bill when accessing the tilling screen, we have amended this to ensure the calculations are done correctly.

Our ref: SBP-924

Marketing Includes Cancelled and Deleted Appointments

Marketing was not filtering out deleted or cancelled appointments when returning clients. We have added this clause in now.

Our ref: SBP-811

Medical Type Warning on Booking

Previously, it was not possible to book an appointment for a client with a medical condition, when that medical condition was set as a “warn” against the appointment they were booking. This has been changed to allow completion of the booking.

Our ref: SBP-862

Miscalculation on Course Redemptions

When redeeming a course when there is more than one selection with a quantity greater than 1, the final redemption value is now correct.

Our ref: SBP-814

Negative Tax Showing Against Cash for Petty Cash

The Cash payment method no longer displays a negative tax value for petty cash receipts.

Our ref: SBP-806

Notes in Additional Details on Client Cards

The text entered into the Notes boxes on the Additional Details tab of a client’s record card now display within the boundaries of the forms - no more hidden characters.

Our ref: SBP-796

On Order level

Previously, when amending a stock order issues would of occurred with the on order amount. This is now fixed.

Our ref: SBP-846

Optimize Marketing

When running a marketing campaign, we have sped up the client selection functionality.

Our ref: SBP-820

Package booking Additional Deposit

after the deposit has been paid for a package, if the client then has an additional booked and the deposit it paid through the package screen, we have resolved an issue so the correct deposits are taken now.

Our ref: SBP-925

Package Confirmations

If a package confirmation hasn't been sent, it now prompts you to ask if you'd like to send a package confirmation when leaving the package setup screen.

Our ref: SBP-802

Package Itinery not refreshing

When accessing a booked package, accessing the schedule screen and then returning to the package details, It now refreshes to reflect the changes made on the schedule screen

Our ref: SBP-795

Refresh Diary Grid After Future Payment

After a future payment has been made, we have added the functionally so that the diary grid automatically refreshes so that the future paid icon is visible.

Our ref: SBP-747

Reminder preferences not saving when booking an appointment

We have amended the code so that reminder preferences are committed when booking and amending an appointment.

Our ref: SBP-813

SMS Messaging Button Issue

When checking the opt into marketing and having a mobile telephone number or when opted into marketing and leaving the mobile telephone box the SMS Icon should be enabled. Previously, there were issues when doing this.

Our ref: SBP-773

Speed when moving Internal Appointments

We have sped up moving internal appointments around the diary

Our ref: SBP-863

Staff Start Date

Previously when going into a staff member and entering a date without using the calendar selector this would cause issues.

Our ref: SBP-859

Stylist Overview Overstating New Clients

On the stylist overview it was showing new clients for each staff rather than just showing them as a new client for their first appointment

Our ref: SBP-792