System Updates: Version 3.3.13

Read about the latest improvements and features we've added to the Salon by Premier Software product.

New Features and Changes

We regularly introduce new features into our software products. The following new features or changes have been included in this release.

Appointment Finishing Links

It is now possible to create a finishing link for an appointment; enabling two part bookings with a gap between for the staff member, yet having the client occupy the same room throughout. An example would be to have an ‘unwrap’ finishing link following a ‘wrap’ appointment.

Finishing link appointments are created from a new menu ‘Finishing Links’ within ‘Appointments Menu’ of Manager/Administrator. They are then assigned to follow an appointment code on the ‘General Details’ tab of 'Appointment Codes'.

Our ref: SBP-402

Appointment Review Screen

New check boxes have been added to the Appointment Review Screen of an appointment, to indicate whether SMS and/ or Email confirmations and reminders have been sent.

Our ref: SBP-182

SMS Reminders and Confirmations for Packages

Previously SMS Reminders and


onfirmations could not be sent for any package bookings. This can now be enabled in ‘Text Message Setup’ within ‘Site Settings’

Our ref: SBP-676

Speed Improvement in full-screen Appointment Booking

Work has been completed to improve speed and performance when booking appointments in “full-screen” mode.

Our ref: SBP-634


We regularly review client feedback and support issues. The following items have been resolved in this release.

Amend receipts

We have resolved an issue that could occur when amending a receipt for a transaction that had been processed on a previous day.

Our ref: SBP-854

Amending Package Appointment Warning Message

We have resolved an issue that could occur when changing an appointment that was part of a package. Previously, when trying to save the change, a warning message would display, preventing the user from completing the change. This warning has now been removed.

Our ref: SBP-782

Appointment booking issue

We have fixed a navigational issue with the Medical icon on the booking Information Board. If there is a medical warning for a client when booking an appointment; the icon will now highlight, for the user to click to acknowledge the warning and then complete the booking.

Our ref: SBP-718

Appointment Booking with No Pricing Structure

It is no longer possible to book an appointment if there is no Pricing Structure already created for the date being booked.

Our ref: SBP-769

Appointment reminder issue

Previously when multiple appointments were rescheduled after booking, the appointment reminder emails would not list all appointments correctly. The reminders have been fixed to correctly display the appointments.

Our ref: SBP-558

Appointment Reminders

When amending an appointment with previous versions, the system would always send an automatic appointment reminder. The process has been amended so that a prompt will now display, asking the user if they would like to resend a reminder.

Our ref: SBP-722

Appointment Start Dates

You can now successfully amend the start date and end date for an appointment in Manager > Appointment Codes, even if the new start date is after the current end date.

Our ref: SBP-857

Arrival Options - Medical Prompt

If you uncheck the "Medical" prompt in Arrival options, you are no longer forced to acknowledge the prompt, when arriving a client.

Our ref: SBP-751

Automated Backups - Retention Period Fixes

The logic behind automated backups and retention periods now prioritises older backups when determining what to delete.

In addition, the time field on the Automated Backups configuration screen now displays if the time is either "AM" or "PM."

Our ref: SBP-763

Automated Marketing Selection Criteria - Appointment Types

Previously, when creating and then saving Marketing Selections, any decisions made regarding Appointment Types were not being saved along with the rest of the selection’s settings. Appointment details are now retained and along with all other criteria are applied to automated marketing runs.

Our ref: SBP-745

Automated Marketing Selection Criteria - Visit Date

The Visit Date selection criteria was not being saved when creating Marketing Selections. This has now been corrected.

Our ref: SBP-767

Bills Analysis with Payment Methods Report

We have amended the code behind the ‘Bills Analysis with Payment Methods’ report, to speed up the time taken to load the report on screen.

Our ref: SBP-740

Booking appointment issues

Under certain circumstances, it was previously possible, to book an appointment that required a room allocated to it, even if no room was actually available. This has now been prevented.

Our ref: SBP-784

Booking Linked appointments

When booking a linked appointment that has a medical condition associated with it, the warn or deny settings are now being correctly applied.

Our ref: SBP-883

Booking option issue

The settings for the appointment booking Information Board are now correctly applied. Notifications only have to be acknowledged if they have been checked in Site Settings > Booking Options.

Our ref: SBP-700

Can use Complimentary as a Payment Method for On Account and Pre-payment Transactions

We have now changed the bill screen so you can now use the Complimentary payment method to clear an On Account payment or purchase a Pre-payment.

Our ref: SBP-760

Cancel Package Bookings

We have resolved an issue regarding cancelling package bookings through the Package screen.

Our ref: SBP-880

Capitalisation of Internal Appointment Codes

Appointment Codes are capitalised, but internal appointments were not. We now have a script in place to capitalise all existing internal appointment codes. Moving forward this will automatically capitalise the codes.

Our ref: SBP-582

Client Card Multi-site spend

When viewing the spend tab on client card on a mult-site system, it was only showing the spend for the current site rather than the site select in the dropdown. We have asjusted this to use the selected site.

Our ref: SBP-899

Client Card Spend Tab not loading

We have rectified an issue that occurred when accessing the ‘spend’ tab on a client’s record. On first entering the ‘spend’ tab it was loading the data; however, when returning after accessing another tab, it was then clearing the data. We have amended the system so that tab will always show the data.

Our ref: SBP-734

Client Search

Previously when using client search for all sites, this would still only identify clients from the current site.

Our ref: SBP-684

Clients Receiving multiple emails

If an appointment booked in the past was moved, clients would previously receive multiple emails.

Our ref: SBP-869

Completing Medical Questionnaire on New Client Records

You can now successfully create a medical questionnaire on a new client record without the system closing.

Our ref: SBP-729

Contact Log issue

It was not previously possible to create a new client and then immediately add a note to their Contact Log.

Our ref: SBP-842

Contact Logs Overwritten on Multiple Computers

We previously had an issue whereby if two users were simultaneously trying to amend the same client’s Contact Log notes, one amendment would overwrite the other. We have now made changes so that the application will check and warn the user before saving any changes.

Our ref: SBP-787

Contact Media Types Screen

In some instances it was not possible to exit out of the Contact Media Types screen in Manager.

Our ref: SBP-757

Contact Preferences not saving when creating new client

A client’s contact preferences were not previously being displayed correctly on the booking screen. Nor were these preferences being correctly transferred from the selections made when booking an appointment into the client’s record.

Our ref: SBP-835

Creating a Client on the Waiting List

We have resolved an issue that caused the system to close when creating a new client, at the same time as placing them on the waiting list.

Our ref: SBP-731

Creating an Appointment Speed

The speed with which the screen loads when booking an appointment has been increased, making the booking process much quicker.

Our ref: SBP-647

Creating Stock Orders by Addition

An issue that caused the application to close when creating stock orders “by addition” has been resolved.

Our ref: SBP-739

Dragging Appointments

When moving an appointment by drag and drop from one staff member to another, the system used to check the availability of the first – original - staff member, rather than the second – recipient – staff member.

Our ref: SBP-855

Duplicate Bill Records

When amending a bill that contained a voucher, the original bill record was not being deleted due to incorrect referencing in the database. We have adjusted the order in which the records are deleted, in order to stop this issue from happening.

Our ref: SBP-810

Email Formatting not saving

We have made adjustments to the e-mail editor to remove irrelevant properties related to images in e-mails, that e-mail clients were unable to process.

Our ref: SBP-777

Equipment issues

We have resolved an appointment booking issue relating to equipment availability. Previously when booking an appointment that required a piece of equipment (where the equipment was not available), the appointment could still be booked with no denial message to the user. The system now correctly respects equipment availability.

Our ref: SBP-704

Error future paying appointment from booking form

We have streamlined the booking process by resolving an issue that was stopping Future Payments on the booking screen.

Our ref: SBP-834

Exiting out of Reason code authorisation box

We have fixed an issue that could occur when amending a price on the billing screen, where a security override promotional price change was required before the bill could be completed.

Our ref: SBP-340

Inactive Staff Members not showing on Reports

The list of staff members available when selecting which staff to include in a particular report, now includes inactive staff members.

Our ref: SBP-711

Issue booking appointment and package

Previously, when booking an appointment for a client, and then booking a package for the same client on the same date, the system was not linking the two together. This was causing the system to depart the client incorrectly. This has now been resolved.

Our ref: SBP-727

Issue Navigating Client Tabs

An issue has been resolved whereby if a user accessed a client record card, clicked on a client’s Account tab, then navigated to another tab before returning to the Accounts tab, the system would error. The system will no longer close regardless of which tabs are viewed or in what order.

Our ref: SBP-781

Issue with creating Marketing Schedule

When creating a schedule for sending out marketing, the schedule screen did not automatically close once the schedule was set, this now automatically closes as you would expect.

Our ref: SBP-748

Issues saving Client Details via Appointments

An issue has been resolved whereby navigating to a client record card in a particular way (starting by clicking on an appointment from the diary) could mean that any subsequent changes made to that client record card were not being saved.

Our ref: SBP-730

Loyalty Points from Online sales are being doubled

Previously booking and paying for an appointment online would incorrectly result in Loyalty Points being awarded at the time of booking. This has been amended so that the points are now correctly awarded as the client is departed.

Our ref: SBP-786

Marketing Preferences when reported via a Booking

The Marketing opt-in and Reminder preferences are now correctly reported on the Client tab of an appointment booking.

Our ref: SBP-851

Moving an Appointment to another Column

You can now move an appointment to another column in the diary without clicking into the column first.

Our ref: SBP-717

Multi-Site Reminders & Confirmations Site Filter

When in Administrator and using SMS or Email functionality for reminders and confirmations, the system now takes into consideration the site filter set during creation of automated jobs.

Our ref: SBP-824

Package Booking - Auto Booked Appointments Auditing

We've fixed an issue where appointments automatically booked via the Package Booking screen were not being audited.

Our ref: SBP-770

Package Ordering (Removing / Moving Appointments)

When you now remove or simply move an appointment from a package, the order will now reflect this on the screen.

Our ref: SBP-715

Patch tests issue

Previously, making a patch test inactive would be ‘ignored’ and it would effectively remain active. The system now correctly takes into consideration whether a Patch test is marked as active or inactive.

Our ref: SBP-710

Pre-payments total when amending bills

An issue has been corrected in Amend Receipts; whereby when amending the amounts allocated to payment methods, a ‘Pre-payment’ could be incorrectly cleared, becoming irretrievable in the process.

Our ref: SBP-778

Print on account A4

When printing from a client’s record card what they owe on account, the figure is now correctly reported.

Our ref: SBP-840

Processing Future Payments for a New Customer

When processing future payments against an appointment for a newly created client, the transaction will now process as expected.

Our ref: SBP-737

Receipt formatting unclear

The layout of the customer receipt has been adjusted to make any discounts clearer to the customer.

Our ref: SBP-772

Receipt Print Alignment

The alignment on receipts has been adjusted. All bill lines are now left aligned.

Our ref: SBP-839

Redeeming Expired Course Items

When departing a client with an expired course, the course items are now identified. However, to make it clear to staff, a warning is displayed as they are redeemed.

Our ref: SBP-783

Refunding Future Payments

Previously, if a transaction included both a refund for a Future Payment and the sale of an item of equal value, the outstanding Future Payments report would still show the future payment.

Our ref: SBP-881

Removing a Client from an existing Appointment

If a client was removed from an existing appointment, it was previously possible to then leave the appointment without a client. It is now only possible to save an amendment to an appointment if a client has been allocated.

Our ref: SBP-764

Room Clash report prompt

If an end date is entered for a room, a report will automatically display, if there are any existing bookings after that end date.

Our ref: SBP-841

Salon - Speed Improvements When Deleting Internal Appointments

We've made improvements to the loading speed of the application when deleting internal appointments from the diary. This now returns much quicker.

Our ref: SBP-768

Saved Bills with Vouchers on

Previously, if a saved bill included the sale of a voucher, that voucher sale could get recorded again when the bill was re-loaded. Regardless, the sale of a voucher will now only appear on the relevant reports once.

Our ref: SBP-289

Saving a bill with a Pre-payment

Bills that contain a Pre-payment can now be saved and loaded without issue.

Our ref: SBP-762

Scheduled Job

When saving a Scheduled Job, issues would sometimes arise with the description.

Our ref: SBP-852

Setting Default Rooms in Staff Rota

Changes made to a staff member’s default room for one day of the week would be inappropriately applied to every day of the week. The default room can now be changed independently for each day of the week.

Our ref: SBP-761

SMS Reminders for Appointments on Clipboard

SMS reminders are no longer sent for appointments that are on the clipboard.

Our ref: SBP-741

Speed improvements with Appointment Booking

Work has been done to optimize the clicking between available appointment codes within appointment booking.

Our ref: SBP-552

Staff menu issue

We have fixed an issue that could cause crashes in the ‘Site Settings’ menu. This was caused when an internal appointment code, allocated to a staff member assigned to multiple sites, was used in 'Column Closure'.

Our ref: SBP-726

Staff reports issue

The list of options available when selecting which staff to include in a particular report, once again includes pre-selections.

Our ref: SBP-758

Staff rota saving issues

Previously, when saving a staff or room rota there could be a timeout error in the application. This has now been resolved.

Our ref: SBP-774

Stock Creation when typing Staff Name

An issue in the stock take screen has been fixed, whereby setting a staff member against a new stock take could cause the application to close.

Our ref: SBP-721

Stock Delivery incorrect professional stock price

Previously, stock deliveries for professional items used the cost prices from the first pricing structure created for any site. This has been amended so that the value of deliveries is calculated using the pricing structure that is active on the delivery date.

Our ref: SBP-744

Stock Delivery issue

An issue has been fixed that could occur when changing stock quantity values on a one-off stock delivery.

Our ref: SBP-716

Stock Order Item Ordering

The Stock Order Sequence option is now taken into account when creating stock orders.

Our ref: SBP-765

Stock Order not updating quantity

When creating a stock order and typing a quantity into the “Total Qty” field, the system now correctly updates the actual quantity of items on order.

Our ref: SBP-728

Stock take orders

Previously, when doing a stock take, stock was listed in Category order. This has been changed so that it is now in Description order.

Our ref: SBP-170

Unable to arrive Packages with Medical Condition

We have resolved an issue where it the client has a medical condition, whether it is configured to Warn or Deny, it would stop the client from being arrived.

Our ref: SBP-889

Unable to change appointment on departure

When departing a client, we have resolved the issue that was preventing the appointment type being changed on the billing screen.

Our ref: SBP-838

Unencrypted Client Details When Saving Online

Previously, on encrypted systems, Online by Premier Software could save unencrypted client details in the database. This will no longer occur.

Our ref: SBP-749