System Updates: Version 3.3.16

Read about the latest improvements and features we've added to the Salon by Premier Software product.


We regularly review client feedback and support issues. The following items have been resolved in this release.

Appointment Codes - Start Dates

The application was previously configured to verify that any Start Date for an Appointment Code had to be prior to any End Date; so, an End Date was always required before a Start Date could be entered. This verification has been removed and it is now possible to enter a Start Date even if there is no End Date.

Our ref: SBP-914

Appointment Confirmation

When booking multiple appointments for a client, the automation service sends the confirmation for all the appointments and marks them all as sent.

Our ref: SBP-965

Auto Log Out - Change of User

We have resolved an issue that formerly prevented a second user logging into the application, if a different user had previously been automatically logged out.

Our ref: SBP-908

Automatic Pricing - Speed Improvements

We have implemented speed improvements to Automatic Pricing.

Our ref: SBP-912

Column Closure

Previously, when performing a column closure it would have issues if the staff member had not available

Our ref: SBP-980

Column Closure

We have improved the internal checking processes applied when using Column Closure. This will prevent the issue encountered by some users, whereby Column Closure would not complete, even though there were no appointments booked in the columns being closed.

Our ref: SBP-860

Column Closure - conflict with Not Available

Column Closure will now complete, even if one of the selected Staff Members has the “Not Available” Internal Appointment booked for part of the time to be closed.

Our ref: SBP-832

Contact Types

We have amended the contact types management screen so that when you click on the add button, it doesnt cause a validation error, the validation only happens when clicking save

Our ref: SBP-521

Departure - Searching for Clients using their Reference

We have improved the client search process in Departures. Enter a client's Reference, either by scanning their Loyalty Tag, or typing the Reference directly into the Search field, and the client’s name will be automatically selected from the Arrivals list.

Our ref: SBP-909

Discounts and adding further BIll Lines

We have resolved an issue whereby discounts were being wrongly applied to certain transactions. Formerly, if a discount was applied to a bill item, and then further items added to that transaction, then the same discount would be applied to the additional items. Discounts are now applied correctly, i.e. only to the selected bill item.

Our ref: SBP-753

Internal Appointments - Amending Length

We have improved the functionality for Internal Appointments to match that already in place for Appointment Codes. Amending the Length of an Internal Appointment in Configuration will now prompt the user to update the length for all Staff Members allocated with that Internal Appointment.

Our ref: SBP-872

Internal Appointments - Booking

We have improved the booking process for Internal Appointments. It is now only necessary to click the “Green Tick” once.

Our ref: SBP-901

Issues With Booking Online

fixed issue preventing appointments from being booked when rooms are required

Our ref: SBP-963

Linked Appointments view showing deleted and cancelled Appointments

We have resolved an issue with the diary column displayed when booking Linked Appointments. Previously, this diary column view included appointments that had already been deleted or cancelled. They no longer display, making it much easier to see availability.

Our ref: SBP-871

Marketing - Dates in Saved Selections

When creating Marketing Selections including “Visited Since” or “Not Visited Since” the date selections entered were not previously being saved. This has been resolved and date ranges are now correctly saved.

Our ref: SBP-917

Marketing - Visits "Yesterday"

We have resolved an issue with Marketing, when a date selection was set to “Yesterday”.

Our ref: SBP-891

Marketing for Voucher Sales

We have amended the functionality within marketing, so that a selection can now be based on whether clients have purchased specific Vouchers

Our ref: SBP-826

Marketing Selections

We have resolved an issue with automated marketing, whereby following an update to the application, additional clients were being incorrectly included in the automated marketing selections.

Our ref: SBP-913

Multiple reminders


Our ref: SBP-982

Package Booking Confirmation - Marked As Sent On Input

When booking Packages, the user will no longer be prompted to send a Booking Confirmation, if “Mark Package Booking Confirmation As Sent On Input” has been ticked. This option is available in System Setup > Site > Site Settings > Package Bookings.

Our ref: SBP-896

Packages - Amending Additional Appointments

When amending a Package Booking, it is now possible to amend an additional Appointment as well as the Package itself.

Our ref: SBP-910

Packages - Multi-site Diary Selection

We have resolved an issue with multi-site systems and package booking. Previously when booking a package for another site, when the purple “Advanced Booking” button was selected the diary for your own site would display, rather than that for the site you were booking for. The diary for the other site now correctly displays.

Our ref: SBP-874

Prompt for Locker - has been Removed

A prompt for a feature seldom used in the application has been removed. The “Prompt for locker on arrival” is no longer available to new systems.

Our ref: SBP-57

Prompt Next Appointment - Removing Appointments

With Prompt Next Appointment selected and when on the resultant Book Next Appointment screen, it is now possible to Remove appointments from the Selected Appointments section.

Our ref: SBP-915

Reprinting Medical Questionnaires

When reprinting a client’s medical Questionnaire, only the Medical Types included in the Questionnaire completed by the client are now included. Previously, all Medical Types were included in the reprint.

Our ref: SBP-870

Rooms - Making Inactive

We have resolved an issue, whereby if a Room was made inactive by entering an End Date in the past, the record did not immediately move to the Inactive View; instead the user had to quit from Rooms and then re-enter Rooms to see the change. The refresh is now immediate.

Our ref: SBP-892

Staff Bank Details

We have added a bank details screen where bank details can be stored, this then populates the bank dropdown list in the staff setup screen

Our ref: SBP-430

Staff Members - Inactive Staff included in Reports

We have amended the daily maintenance script that operates automatically within the application, to improve on how Staff are identified as Active or Inactive, based on their Start and Leaving Dates. This will result in better staff reports, with only Active staff being included, where previously certain reports have also included Inactive staff.

Our ref: SBP-888

Staff Rotas - and "Shaded" Internal Appointments

It is now possible to save a Staff Rota which contains the “-Shaded-” Internal Appointment.

Our ref: SBP-876

Stock Recommendation - Update Message Board

Having acknowledged a Stock recommendation in Till Messages and then added a recommended stock item to the bill, there is no longer the need to click on the Stock icon in Till Messages again. The Till Messages are now correctly updated.

Our ref: SBP-895

Stock Reports - Order List by Manufacturer Sequence

Stock Reports used for Stock Control, such as the Goods Received Note and Stock Order Form, will now list the stock items in the same order as that selected on the Stock Search screen. Users can chose from “Order List By Description”, or “Order List by Manufacturer Sequence”.

Our ref: SBP-894

Vouchers - Extending Expiry Dates

We have resolved an issue, whereby if a Voucher was purchased along with Appointments, it was previously not possible to Amend it’s Expiry Date.

Our ref: SBP-890