System Updates: Version 3.3.12

Read about the latest improvements and features we've added to the Salon by Premier Software product.


We regularly review client feedback and support issues. The following items have been resolved in this release.

Adding a manual override discount to a client sale appointment

Previously when adding a manual override discount on a client sale appointment issues would of occurred.

Our ref: SBP-771

Amending Cancellation Charge value

It is now possible to amend the value being charged for a cancellation on the actual bill line.

Our ref: SBP-691

Appointment Notes Printing

When hovering over an appointment in the future and printing the appointment notes, it printed notes for appointments prior to the current date, this has been amended to print notes prior to the end of the date that the appointment you have selected takes place.

Our ref: SBP-849

Appointments not showing on diary issue

Appointment types with a start date in the future would not show as bookable in the diary until that date had come around. This has now been corrected.

Our ref: SBP-413

Auto logout screen issue

When the software auto logged out from some areas of the software, the screens would still be visible behind the login box. This has been resolved.

Our ref: SBP-629

Automated Marketing issue

When sending marketing on an encrypted database, there was an issue with returning the clients using the marketing criteria due to the data being encrypted, this has now been rectified.

Our ref: SBP-664

Booking appointment issues

Under certain circumstances, it was previously possible, to book an appointment that required a room allocated to it, even if no room was actually available. This has now been prevented.

Our ref: SBP-784

Built in User Account permissions

We have updated our built in user account permissions to ensure that they have all permissions

Our ref: SBP-660

Contact Logs Overwritten on Multiple Computers

We previously had an issue whereby if two users were simultaneously trying to amend the same client’s Contact Log notes, one amendment would overwrite the other. We have now made changes so that the application will check and warn the user before saving any changes.

Our ref: SBP-787

Creation of new client

We have made speed improvements around the creation of new clients.

Our ref: SBP-646

Dairy Clipboard issue

Previously when moving an appointment to the clipboard issues would of occurred.

Our ref: SBP-776

Dairy Clipboard issue

Previously when moving an appointment to the clipboard issues would of occurred.

Our ref: SBP-775

Document template size issues

There was an issue when copying large amounts of text into the HTML text box. This has been resolved.

Our ref: SBP-452

Email editor formatting issues

The formatting of standard documents now correctly shows when Document Branding is used.

Our ref: SBP-179

Future payment issues

We have resolved a crash when trying to future pay an appointment that had previously had a future payment of zero put against it.

Our ref: SBP-454

Inactive Client Card Types

Previously there were issues when making a client card type inactive, however the ability to now make a client card type inactive is fully functional.

Our ref: SBP-286

Issue adding items to waiting list

Issue resulting in waiting list items not being able to be added has now been rectified.

Our ref: SBP-779

Issue Setting up Automated Jobs

when configuring reports and marketing to send automatically, when confirming the scheduled job, the dialog now closes automatically.

Our ref: SBP-790

Issue with merging clients that have no loyalty

We have resolved an issue when merging clients with no loyalty points.

Our ref: SBP-752

Loyalty Points from Online sales are being doubled

Previously booking and paying for an appointment online would incorrectly result in Loyalty Points being awarded at the time of booking. This has been amended so that the points are now correctly awarded as the client is departed.

Our ref: SBP-786

Making Medical Types inactive

We have resolved a crash when making Medical Types inactive.

Our ref: SBP-681

Medical Conditions Selected Online Do Not Appear Under Current

Medical conditions that were selected in either the Consultation app or the Client Portal but no notes were entered, do not show as selected on the Client's Medical tab for the "Current" questionnaire.

This has been resolved, and the condition now appears on both Current and the individual questionnaire.

Our ref: SBP-831

Medical Questionnaires permissions

We have resolved an issue whereby you could not allocate permissions for the Medical Questionnaires menu to a User Profile.

Our ref: SBP-725

Medical Types missing from client portal

When adding a new medical type, by default they were not being linked to the standard medical questionnaire, we have now added in that link be default.

Our ref: SBP-828

Overlapping appointments issue

Previously it was possible to extend an appointment over the top of another appointment in the same staff column. This has been resolved.

Our ref: SBP-698

Pay off On Acount amount

When going onto the on account tab on a client card, you enter an amount into the field to pay without selecting an item on account, this then pays off from the first liine down.

Our ref: SBP-375

Report name changes

We have renamed the Reservation reports to Packages to fall inline with the feature name in Salon

Our ref: SBP-692

Reports page speed issue

We have improved the speed in which the reports screen loads.

Our ref: SBP-643

Save bill issues

Previously when applying a manual override discount on a bill then saving, when you reopened that bill the discount reason code would not be displayed.

Our ref: SBP-697

SMS Received report issue

When a SMS reminder was sent from a certain site, the issue was then when the report ran the SMS would not show.

Our ref: SBP-712

SMS Replies not showing on report

Previously SMS replies received were not showing on the report for the site from which the SMS reminder was sent this. This has now been corrected to show the replies for the relevant site.

Our ref: SBP-427

Staff Display Names issue

Previously when entering a name with capitalisation (e.g. McDonald), the software would save the name with all lower case letters. This has been corrected so that the capitalisation remains.

Our ref: SBP-192

Staff Hours Analysis report issue

The Staff Hours Analysis report will now correctly include Holiday hours.

Our ref: SBP-161

Staff Pictures causing slowness on Diary

When loading the diary, we have made improvements in the way the column images are loaded to reduce the loading time.

Our ref: SBP-151

Staff rota saving issues

Previously, when saving a staff or room rota there could be a timeout error in the application. This has now been resolved.

Our ref: SBP-774

Stylist overview changes

Previously the stylist overview would show incorrect average service visit.

Our ref: SBP-568