System Updates: Version 3.3.11

Read about the latest improvements and features we've added to the Salon by Premier Software product.


We regularly review client feedback and support issues. The following items have been resolved in this release.

Allocating Staff to a Cancellation

You are now able to select a staff member to allocate a cancellation charge to.

Our ref: SBP-156

Arriving Clients with a Medical Condition

Medical constraints are now validated correctly on the arrivals screen.

Our ref: SBP-680

Billing Screen Timing

Improvements have been made to the time it takes to load the bill screen.

Our ref: SBP-652

Booking notes saving with a medical warning

Notes are now correctly saved when entered against a booking that requires an acknowledgement of a medical condition.

Our ref: SBP-341

Category Lists in the Booking Screen

When switching between tabs in the Appointment Review screen the Categories list was being incorrectly duplicated. This has now be resolved.

Our ref: SBP-284

Change Appointment Type

When amending an existing appointment, if you change the appointment type, there was an error writing to the audit, this has been rectified and all audit records are updated correctly

Our ref: SBP-679

Changing an Appointment on the Bill

Resolved an issue that caused the system to close when an appointment was changed on the bill.

Our ref: SBP-733

Commission type setup issues

The system wouldn't allow you to enter a value higher than fifteen characters long when setting commission band limits.

Our ref: SBP-531

Course sale item allocation

Selling multiple courses with only 1 item in was not correctly allocating all courses to the client. This has now been resolved.

Our ref: SBP-655

Creating a new Enquiry

The Enquiries area of the system now functions correctly.

Our ref: SBP-105

Departures Client Reference Search

We have amended the search method on departures so that you can search the client reference

Our ref: SBP-658

Dragging and Dropping Appointments

Improvements have been made to speed up the dragging and dropping of appointments.

Our ref: SBP-599

Exiting Contact Types Screen

In Manager / Administrator, when attempting to leave the contact types screen, it was preventing you from doing so, this has now been resolved so you can navigate correctly

Our ref: SBP-405

Finalising Payment Speed Issues

Speed improvements have been made to the final stages of completing a bill.

Our ref: SBP-644


The field names for opting clients in/out of marketing were labelled differently.

Our ref: SBP-703

Hovering over an Appointment with a Long Description

When hovering over an appointment which has a long description the popup box would not fix the complete description within it.

Our ref: SBP-668

Improved Performance to Clients and Tilling

Speed improvements have been made around creating clients and tilling areas of the system

Our ref: SBP-465

Issues with departing clients from a saved bill

An issue occurred when a user would attempt to depart a client, from saved bills, with additional appointments on, this issue has now been resolved.

Our ref: SBP-724

Linked Appointments showing Clipboard Appointments

When booking linked appointments in the column view, it was showing appointments that were on the clipboard.

Our ref: SBP-693

Loading Till Screen

Enhancements have been made to loading the tilling form to speed the process up.

Our ref: SBP-645

Logging into Manager

Manager no longer errors when a password has been incorrectly entered.

Our ref: SBP-648

Loyalty Points Were Being Used For Online

Online was using loyalty points when paying for an appointment. Loyalty points will still be added onto the client when purchasing an appointment, however they will no longer be used as it was causing negative balances.

Our ref: SBP-759

Loyalty Points when Changing Bill Line

Corrected an issue with a client’s loyalty points not being calculated correctly after an appointment was changed on the bill.

Our ref: SBP-738

Making Staff Inactive

The system will no longer error when attempting to set a site leaving date that is prior to the start date set on the Enterprise Details tab.

Our ref: SBP-682

Marketing Messaging

An error was occurring when sending marketing text messages if the system was not set to use an Originator name in Text Message Setup.

Our ref: SBP-705

Medical Conditions referencing Incorrect Site

When booking an appointment the medical condition would be incorrectly referencing to another sites medical condition configuration.

Our ref: SBP-708

Miscellaneous Report

The Miscellaneous report was previously not returning any data when run with the Detail option ticked. This has now been resolved.

Our ref: SBP-456

Multiple appointments added through waiting list

The software now supports you being able to process multiple requests on the waiting list.

Our ref: SBP-502

On Account payment field not enabled on screen entry

When accessing a client’s card where they have items on account, the payment field was disabled by default, now it is enabled when you access the account tab so the operator can enter how much the client wishes to pay off.

Our ref: SBP-393

Online Voucher Sale - Not Linking Payment

You will now be able to purchase a Gift Voucher that is sent by email successfully within Online.

Our ref: SBP-755

Printing the Bill from Departures

When printing the bill from departures it would incorrectly print the margins meaning parts of the bill would be cut off.

Our ref: SBP-654

Recommended Stock Notifications

The tilling screen now correctly highlights that a client has Recommended Stock.

Our ref: SBP-665

Remote Support within the Launcher

When using the launcher, the system was having issues accessing the remote support feature.

Our ref: SBP-666

Saved bill not working correctly

When saving a bill with a discount on, then you then depart the client, it does not load the previously selected discount.

Our ref: SBP-754

Saving bills with Recommended Stock

It is now possible to save a bill with Recommended Stock on it, and access it again once saved.

Our ref: SBP-392

User Permissions when Logging in after an Auto-Logout.

When logging in as a different user after the software had automatically logged out, the permissions of the previous user were being used. This has been resolved so that the current user permissions are respected.

Our ref: SBP-713

Using Advanced Search across sites

The system would incorrectly return the advanced booking data, this has now been resolved.

Our ref: SBP-431

Anything Else

Any other items that do not fit into the above sections.

Stock Report - Profit and Loss

Create a Stock Report - Profit and Loss summary

Our ref: SBP-356