System Updates: Version 3.3.10

Read about the latest improvements and features we've added to the Salon by Premier Software product.

New Features and Changes

We regularly introduce new features into our software products. The following new features or changes have been included in this release.

Book multiple linked appointments

It is now possible to book multiple linked appointments after each other - for example: a Colour followed by an Olaplex, Toner and Cut & Blow Dry.

Linked appointments could previously only book a Colour followed by an Olaplex, for example.

Our ref: SBP-620

Client Age Overview report

A new report and graph has been added to Salon to show appointment counts grouped by age.

Our ref: SBP-347

GDPR Opt In Adjustments

We have updated the application so if you opt into marketing, a popup will appear for you to select preferred method of contact.

Our ref: SBP-158

In-Stock level on the Stock Order Details screen

The current in-stock level of stock items is now displayed within the Stock Order Details screen.

Our ref: SBP-596

Marketing Opt In/Out

We have added the ability to opt in and out of marketing by replying to the text message, the opt in and out messages are configurable in Administrator/Manager and can be configured on a site by site basis.

Our ref: SBP-35

New configuration option for minimum stock re-order level warning

A new configuration option has been introduced to control the warning advising that a stock item is at or below its minimum order level.

This warning can now be turned off using the new option in Stock Options in Site Settings.

Our ref: SBP-621

Refund Report

A new report has been introduced to show all refunds, this can be filtered at site level, date and to specific staff members.

Our ref: SBP-348

Speed improvements to departure process

We have improved the performance of the system when departing a client that has multiple appointments.

Our ref: SBP-636


We regularly review client feedback and support issues. The following items have been resolved in this release.

[PREM:0131974] Can't cancel an Appointment

Can replicate on Fox Hair Design Training

Pre requisities:

Client Jasmine Devoss has two appointments booked at different sites, one at Hinckley that was web booked and future paid and one at Barwell.


1) Click on appointment at Barwell and select 'Delete';

2) Choose 'no refund' in 'refund action and green tick

Expected result: appointment hasn't been future paid and no action selected. The appointment is cancelled and you are returned to the diary

Actual result: You are taken to a till screen with no bill lines, only option is to red cross. Appointment not deleted

It seems that the 'Delete appointment' screen shows the 'refund action' box far right and therefore directs you to a till screen - this screen should only show this pop up & follow this navigation path if a refund action is needed (e.g the appointment ticked has been future paid)

NetHelpDesk ID:131974. View in NetHelpDesk:


Our ref: SBP-401

[PREM:0137439] Future payments over stating redemptions

when a client is redeeming a future payment for both treatment then an "Add on" stock item

The additional item is showing as the price of the Bill on the Future payments report rather than the individual price

NetHelpDesk ID:137439. View in NetHelpDesk:


Our ref: SBP-467

Activating Appointment Types

When moving an appointment type from inactive to active, it was not saving, this has now been resolved and allows you to deactive and reactivate appointment types

Our ref: SBP-670

Alpha-numeric barcodes

Salon was initially designed to only accept numerical values for a barcode, it becoming more common for barcodes to contain letters as well so the system has been updated to cater for alpha-numeric barcodes.

Our ref: SBP-610

Appointment Booking Contact Preferences

When amending an appointment, the check boxes for Marketing and Reminders on the client tab were not respecting the acssociated check boxes on the client card

Our ref: SBP-695

Appointment codes starting in the future are available from the date set.

If an appointment code is created with a start date in the future, it will now be flagged as active when that date is reached.

Our ref: SBP-404

Appointment details in the Appointment Review screen

The Appointment Review screen now correctly loads details of the selected appointment into the panel along the top of the screen.

Our ref: SBP-650

Appointment notes will be saved after departure.

Appointment notes can now be entered after an appointment has been departed,

Our ref: SBP-406

Auto Logout Amendments

There is a configurable option in Admin/Manager to allow auto logout if you have appointments on the clipboard, this was not being taken in to consideration and was not allowing the auto logout to process.

Our ref: SBP-606

Automated Backups Timeout

When configuring the timeout length for performing maintenance, it was considering the time entered as seconds rather than minutes.

Our ref: SBP-615

Automated Marketing now uses the correct visit dates

The “In Date Range” drop down on the “Visit” tab, now calculates the correct dates when set up as an automated marketing job.

Our ref: SBP-551

Booking more than one of the same appointment type in a package

It is now possible to book more than one of the same appointment type for the same person in a package.

Our ref: SBP-574

Changing the Staff Member on a Bill Line Now Calculates Correctly

If you have a bill with more than one stock item, changing the staff member on a bill line no longer results in the monetary values being calculated incorrectly.

Our ref: SBP-699

Client Names on Diary View Display

The display icons for clients are now consistent across the diary / appointments.

Our ref: SBP-598

Completing a stock transfer

When completing a stock transfer, if a product does not have enough stock at the other site the line changes to "Alt Cancelled" and a delivery can be completed without issue.

Our ref: SBP-298

Config Wizard does not Disable Backup scheduled job

During the restore of a system backup by our support team, its important to disable any automated backups so not to interfere with the customers Live backup notifications. This has now been adjusted accordingly.

Our ref: SBP-458

Corrected the time at which scheduled jobs can run.

We have improved the time at which scheduled job next runs when a previous run is missed (for example, the computer is switched off at the scheduled job time.)

Missed jobs will now run immediately when the computer is switched back on, and future runs of the job will respect the original scheduled time.

Our ref: SBP-627

Crash adding Recomended Stock items to a Bill

When adding multiple recommended stock items to the clients bill, it was causing the application to error, this has now been resolved and no longer crashes

Our ref: SBP-672

Creating a new client

Fixed an issue that could cause an error message to be displayed in some situations when creating a new client.

Our ref: SBP-656

Default number of weeks for next booking box on Client Card

The design of the additional details tab has now changed to ensure this box is in the correct position.

Our ref: SBP-314

Default staff member is set on additional appointments

When adding additional services to a bill, the staff member is now selected as the same staff member that performed the service being billed.

Our ref: SBP-412

Delete internal appointments off the clipboard

It is now possible to delete internal appointments directly from the clipboard.

Previously you had to schedule the internal appointment back in the diary, then delete it from there.

Our ref: SBP-628

Departing a Package

When departing a package that contains a non-stock item, the package will be departed correctly.

Our ref: SBP-616

Duplicate staff members appearing on dashboard

Duplicate staff members will no longer be displayed on under the dashboard’s “scheduled takings” section.

Our ref: SBP-632

Entering loyalty points for a new client

It is now possible to enter the value of loyalty points for a new client card at the time of creation.

Our ref: SBP-653

Future Appointment Code Price Structure

When creating a new appointment type that starts in the future, you can now allocate a price and staff price to it.

Our ref: SBP-669

Improvements to Monek virtual terminal

It is now possible for our support team to configure your system to use a different address for the Monek virtual terminal - allowing newer versions of the virtual terminal to be used.

Our ref: SBP-659

Inactive appointment codes displaying in Contra-Indications section

Inactive appointment codes will no longer appear on the “contra-indications” settings section.

Our ref: SBP-630

Inactive Staff - Appointment Allocation

When allocating appointments to staff members, inactive staff members were displayed in the list, We have removed inactive staff members.

Our ref: SBP-395

Linked appointments - loyalty points not awarded

Site: Mark Blake Hair - Cirencester

Contact: General User

Priority: P2 - Major Inconvenience 

Issue: Can reproduce in and 3.3.10


Have Appointment A with Appointment B available as a link. In 'Staff Appointments' have loyalty awarded values for both appointments. Steps to reproduce:

1) Book Appointment A

2) As part of booking use the 'book linked appointment' menu to book Appointment B

3) Arrive the client

4) Depart both appointments.

Expected result: Loyalty points are awarded for both appointments.

Actual result: Only Appointment A has loyalty points awarded, the linked appointment doesn't have loyalty points awarded.

NetHelpDesk ID: 153255. View in NetHelpDesk:

Our ref: SBP-689

Mandatory fields no longer display in red when completed

When entering the client card screen for an existing client, the mandatory fields no longer display with a red background.

Our ref: SBP-640

Marketing CSV export now includes all clients

The marketing CSV export now correctly respects the “opted into marketing clients only” option.

For example: with this option un-ticked, the CSV export includes all clients, not just those who have opted in.

Our ref: SBP-651

Miscellaneous Sales report

The Miscellaneous Sales report previously displayed the message “failed to retrieve data from the database.”

This report will now run successfully.

Our ref: SBP-675

Mobile phone numbers not saving when creating a new client

Entering a mobile phone number for a new client at the time of creation now saves correctly.

Our ref: SBP-657

Package Departures Grouping Incorrectly

When booking 2 of the same package for a client that contains non stock, the non stock items were being grouped together separately from the package, this has now been rectified and the grouping is correct.

Our ref: SBP-548

Package editing - looping issue

When editing a package, we have disabled the ability to edit the day field.

Our ref: SBP-320

Promotional Pricing

The price of a bill line can no longer be changed manually if a “manual” promotional pricing has been added and then reverted back to Automatic Pricing.

Our ref: SBP-464

Selecting dates on the Top Clients By Spend Report

The Top Clients by Spend report dates can now be selected correctly.

Our ref: SBP-626

Self-Employed staff members tax rules

When a self-employed or none tax paying staff member completes a purchase, it no longer adds a tax.

Our ref: SBP-41

Sending Emails via Till Sale

When completing a till sale but opting to email the receipt to the recipient, the email field will remain blank for you to type in an email address.

Our ref: SBP-559

Site to site stock transfer

There was an issue where when creating a delivery for a site to site stock transfer, the dropdown list in the action column was becoming enabled, this now remains disabled as it should

Our ref: SBP-673

SMS appointment reminders not sending

In the 3.3.10 pilot release (, certain circumstances resulted in SMS reminders not sending. This has been addressed in the 3.3.10 general release (

Our ref: SBP-694

Sped up Client Audit and Consent tabs

When accessing the Audit and Consent tabs, this took a considerable amount of time to load, we have optimized this to load alot more quickly

Our ref: SBP-671

Stock re-order level not updating

When updating re-order level now it will update all relevant sections information.

Our ref: SBP-280

Stock Valuation Report

We have updated the Stock Valuation report to show the Re-order level instead of the minimum units per order level.

Our ref: SBP-449

Top Spend by Client Report

When committing the bill data to the database, we were splitting the bill amount accross all bill lines even if the bill line value was 0, we have amended the logic behind this to allocate the payments correctly and in turn fixes the data in the report.

Our ref: SBP-455

Two SMS icons on booking

I've noticed on 3.3.6 the icons seem to be operating incorrectly.

Sometimes the icons show to the right and others to the left. Example is below. I suspect this is also the cause to two SMS icons showing  incorrectly.

NetHelpDesk ID: 145477. View in NetHelpDesk:

Our ref: SBP-569

Unable to click Client Details on Appt Review

When accessing an appointment that has been departed, the client details button was disabled, we have amended the screen so that the button in always enabled to allow users to see the client details easilly.

Our ref: SBP-451

Unable to complete stock transfer

We have made 2 amendments to the stock transfer, firstly resolving the issue that prevented the user from creating a transfer, then we have filtered the stock items to only show ‘In stock’ items.

Our ref: SBP-602

Unable to create a repeat booking

When creating a repeat booking for a Tuesday when the salon’s rota starts on a Tuesday, it was looking for availability on the Monday resulting in no availability being returned, this has now been amended and you can now book the Tuesday as expected.

Our ref: SBP-497

Unable to select a site when the PC Location name is auto-detected

The Launcher would not display the “sites” drop-down when the PC Location was set to auto-detect. Setting a specific PC Location would correctly display the site drop-down.

This has been amended - the sites drop-down is always displayed if enabled for the PC Location.

Our ref: SBP-612

Anything Else

Any other items that do not fit into the above sections.

Package Appointment(s) on the diary missing icon

Appointments booked as part of a package, on the diary, were not showing the Package Icon. This has now been corrected.

Our ref: SBP-614