System Updates: Version 2020.11.30

Read about the latest improvements and features we've added to Online by Premier Software.

New Features and Changes

We regularly introduce new features into our software products. The following new features or changes have been included in this release.

New Payment Form Design

The payment gateway form now features a new design which is more mobile-friendly and easier to complete.

Our ref: OBP-594


We regularly review client feedback and support issues. The following items have been resolved in this release.

Advanced 10 Minute Intervals

The "Filter First" page now correctly takes into account the Advanced 10 Minute intervals configured.

Our ref: OBP-535

Booked Items Not Showing in Reservation Portal

Booked items were not displayed on the reservation portal when there was only a single client on the reservation.

Our ref: OBP-586

Booking Back-to-Back Facility Appointments

It is now possible to book facility appointments back-to-back without seeing the "Unfortunately, you are already on another booking at this time" message.

Our ref: OBP-583

Client Search in Consultation App

We have resolved an issue that prevented finding clients using an apostrophe in their name on iOS devices.

Our ref: OBP-602

Future Paid Appointments Issue

The mobile tablet app now checks to see if an appointment has been future paid and will not allow it to be deleted if there is a future payment against it.

Our ref: OBP-504

Improved Gift Voucher Template 3 Layout

The "Template 3" Gift Voucher now displays the voucher description correctly beneath a long voucher name.

Our ref: OBP-622

Improved Gift Voucher Template 3 Layout

The "Template 3" Gift Voucher now displays the barcode correctly beneath a long voucher description.

Our ref: OBP-621

Improved Usability of Text Editors

We have improved the usability of the text editors that are used to configure the confirmation e-mails and marketing texts.

Our ref: OBP-567

Membership Age Display

Memberships configured with an age limit "from" 16 and "to" 0 will now display in the membership signup app as "16+" instead of "16 - 0".

Memberships configured with an age limit “from” 0 and “to” 16 will now display in the membership signup app as “Under 16” instead of “0 - 16.”

Our ref: OBP-600

Membership Sign-up Terms & Conditions

The terms & conditions on Membership Signup will now show the user the "agree" checkbox automatically if the Ts & Cs are not long enough to scroll.

Our ref: OBP-612

New Filter Option for Group Activity Booking

You can now choose whether the "by date" or "by class" view shows by default on Group Activity Booking.

Our ref: OBP-614

Online Registration E-mail Confirmations

When a client registers on the client portal, Online will now pull through the global email address from the config portal to send the e-mail to that address, if the site is configured to use global configuration

Our ref: OBP-596

Password Reset

Clients wishing to reset their password when they don’t have a mobile number on their client card now get prompted to create an account.

The account creation will then match up with the existing client card, if necessary.

Our ref: OBP-476

Pay Now Checkbox

The Pay Now checkbox in the Future Bookings sections of Appointment, Facility and Group Activity Booking has been moved to the left-hand side of the screen to allow easier selection on mobile devices.

Our ref: OBP-593

Removing a Custom Logo

It is now possible to remove a logo that was previously uploaded as either a site or mobile logo.

Our ref: OBP-599

Signing Medical Questionnaire on Android devices

Android devices will no longer scroll to the currently-selected text box when the signature begins to sign.

Our ref: OBP-584