System Updates: Version 2.12.0 PILOT

Read about the latest improvements and features we've added to the Core by Premier Software product.

New Features and Changes

We regularly introduce new features into our software products. The following new features or changes have been included in this release.

Active Directory Single Sign On

Core can now optionally authenticate users against your network’s Active Directory.

You can assign a user’s Active Directory username in their user record in Core, and Core will try to match the user based on their logon name.

Our ref: CBP-906

Membership Invoice for Corporate Memberships

We have added the Members Details invoice functionality to the memberships in Corporate Details; meaning that invoices for corporate memberships can now also be produced.

Our ref: CBP-1045

Online send payments to interface - Opera

Online now has the functionality to send payments across the interface. Previously a manual posting of the ‘Web Till’ was required.

Please contact support to have this enabled.

Our ref: CBP-892

Online send payments to interface - Relynx

Online now has the functionality to send payments across the interface. Previously a manual posting of the ‘Web Till’ was required.

Please contact support to have this enabled.

Our ref: CBP-615

Package Availability Overrides for Web Bookings

The Package Availability Overrides screen in Reception now displays the number of web booked packages, as well as the total number of booked packages.

Our ref: CBP-734

Room Booking Interface to Office 365

We have added a new interface to Office 365 (Exchange.) Core can now update an Office 365 user/resource calendar when the availability of a room changes (e.g. new booking, room move, cancellation/deletion.)

Our ref: CBP-908

Room Charging Interface to Zonal

Core can now room charge items to accounts held within the Zonal till system.

Our ref: CBP-907


We regularly review client feedback and support issues. The following items have been resolved in this release.

"Other" Items within Reservations not Showing on Departure

We have resolved an issue with departing Reservations, with “Other” items not showing. If another Package including a Non-stock Sales Item was departed at the same time as a Package with “Other” items added to it, e.g. Miscellaneous or Food and Drink Non-stock Sales Items, then on occasions these “Other” items were not displayed on the Departure screen.

Our ref: CBP-1080

A4 Receipt - Estonian

We've amended the Estonian receipt, so it now displays "Package" for the value of package items.

Our ref: CBP-966

Adding "Other" items to a Reservation

The application will no longer close when adding “Other” items; for e.g. Miscellaneous or Food and Drink Non-stock Sales Items, to a Reservation.

Our ref: CBP-1066

Allocation Analysis - Package Values

The values of Miscellaneous Non-stock Sales Items when they make up part of a Package, are now correctly shown on the Allocation Analysis report.

Our ref: CBP-1012

Alternate description always used on Stock Order Form

The Stock Order form will now use either the enterprise or alternate description depending on configuration.

Our ref: CBP-743

Amend Receipts

Previously, when completing a amend receipt for a appointment redeemed by loyalty, this would cause issues.

Our ref: CBP-1349

Application Parameters

Previously, when wanting to use the /legacywebcam parameter the PClocationID was required, if this wasn't supplied this would of caused issues.

Our ref: CBP-1430

Appointment Waiting List - Adding New Clients Bug

We've fixed an issue where adding a new client to the appointment waiting list would cause the application to crash.

Our ref: CBP-974

Bespoke Client Schedule Print - CBP-1058

We have amended the Client Schedule Print for a specific customer

Our ref: CBP-1058

Bulk Client Delete Incorrectly Showing Client On Membership

When bulk deleting within manager, there are clients that are appearing as members even after a cancellation has been processed. This has now been fixed.

Our ref: CBP-877

Can't change appointment when gender mismatch

The user can now choose another appointment when the currently selected appointment has gender rules to prevent it from being booked.

Our ref: CBP-764

Client Consultation Form - speed of Client Search

We have reduced the time taken for Core by Premier to return the list of matching records, when searching for clients on the Online Client Consultation form.

Our ref: CBP-1042

Client Mass Delete - Error

We have amended the procedure used by the Mass Client Delete function in Manager > General Menu, such that it will no longer error.

Our ref: CBP-1183

Clipboard appointments

When dragging appointment from the clipboard to the diary, it no longer deny's it due to medical conditions unless there is actually a medical reason why it cannot be scheduled

Our ref: CBP-1397

Consultation Client Search

We have optimised the query when searching for clients from the client consultation form

Our ref: CBP-1408

CORE - 2.10.1 - OCEO Spa - Waiting List System Error

Can still replicate on 2.11. This is on another clients data. Version: also replicated on: Log into reception2. Go to Appointment Waiting List3. Create a new waiting list record4. Go to client selection5. Create new client - fill out the client card and proceed6. select your appointment reason etc... then press the Green +An error occurs (attached) Expected Results: The appointment will be added to the waiting list for this client and proceed as normal. Actual Results: An error occurs and the system closes down.

NetHelpDesk ID: 143752. View in NetHelpDesk:

Our ref: CBP-701

Core Added Functionality With Rezlynx

For reservations that were created by Reslynx property management system, we have added the ability to add additional packages to the reservation in Core.

Our ref: CBP-971

Courses Outstanding Report

The courses outstanding report would incorrectly show courses as outstanding if the client had items credited/refunded or no refunded. This has now been resolved.

Our ref: CBP-574

Creating a new Client through Membership Payments

We have resolved an issue whereby, if as part of a Membership Payment, a Client Record was created for a new member and a staff member allocated to the sale, then the application would error.

Our ref: CBP-1070

Creating Membership Payments with a very high number of pending Departures

Creating a new member and taking a Membership Payment will no longer cause the application to error, if there are a significant number of pending Departures.

Our ref: CBP-1218

Deleting a Future Paid Appointment as No Refund

You no longer need to select a payment method to allocate a No Refund to when deleting an appointment that has a future payment.

This was only an issue in the pilot release of 2.12.0.

Our ref: CBP-1381

Departing a Client with an unscheduled Facility Appointment

We have resolved an issue that could arise when departing a client who had an unscheduled Facility Appointment.

Our ref: CBP-1001

Departing client

Previously when departing a client a visual issue would occurred with the price of the bill.

Our ref: CBP-1340

Departing Customers with Multiple Packages including Non-stock Sales Items

We have resolved an issue whereby departing clients with multiple Packages that included Non-stock, such as Miscellaneous or Food and Drink items, would cause the application to error.

Our ref: CBP-1220

Departing Discounted Packages containing Non-stock Items

We have fixed an issue, whereby if a promotional discount was applied to a Package that contained Non-stock Sales Items, the item prices were being mis-reported when the Package was departed.

Our ref: CBP-1106

Departing Packages containing Non-stock Items when Discounted

We have fixed an issue, whereby if a promotional discount was applied to a Package that contained Non-stock Sales Items, the item prices were being mis-reported when the Package was departed.

Our ref: CBP-1112

Diary Performance Issues

We’ve improved the performance of the diary screen so that it loads quicker.

Our ref: CBP-962

Discounts report

Previously, the ‘Discounts Given’ report would incorrectly calculate tax 2 and gratuity against bills. This has been resolved.

Our ref: CBP-845

Editing Members Loyalty Points

We have resolved an issue whereby an error would occur when users attempted to edit the number of Loyalty Points allocated to a Member.

Our ref: CBP-1055

End of Day Reports

The ‘End of Day’ reports have been sped up considerably, loading much qucker.

Our ref: CBP-705

Error Message DIsplayed in Fast Track

We have resolved an issue with Fast Track that prevented some members from swiping in.

Our ref: CBP-798

Error when Reconfirming Rota

When editing a staff rota that has an appointment within those dates, it will not fill the rest of the column with unavailable.

Our ref: CBP-976

Export to Excel - Staff Hours Analysis

The export to excel for the ‘Staff Hours Analysis’ report will now function as expected.

Our ref: CBP-613

Facility Appointment Not Showing In Arrivals

When booking a facility appointment, and you mark it as resident, it now shows in the arrivals as expected

Our ref: CBP-895

Future Payments

Previously when cancelling a future paid appointment to credit the uses of that future payment wasn't correctly recorded. Also when creating a reservation for a client which has a future paid appointment within the reservation times, the future payment use was not recorded correctly.

Our ref: CBP-1334

Generated Fee Update E-mail - Membership Type

E-mails sent to members during the Generated Fee Update process, will no longer - as was happening on occasions - show the wrong Membership Type.

Our ref: CBP-1102

Gift Vouchers - Amending Vouchers with A Set Price

We have fixed an issue where users were able to modify the value of a gift voucher with a set price in the tilling screen. Set price vouchers will now be fixed at their intended price.

Our ref: CBP-990

Group Activity - Bulk Departures

Pre-paid Group Activity bookings can now be included in bulk departures.

Our ref: CBP-1095

Group Activity Amendments - Performance Improvements

We’ve improved the performance of the Group Activity Amendments screen, so that it loads and responds quicker.

Our ref: CBP-688

Group Activity Timetable Amendments Improvements

If you suspend a group activity timetable amendment, it now reports any clients booked into the class. In addition to this, we’ve also introduced the functionality to toggle between classes that are suspended and not suspended in the group activity booking screen.

Our ref: CBP-917

Income Centre Overview By Payment Method

Previously, when running this report to your set criteria this would of caused issues to occur.

Our ref: CBP-1354

Incorrect Pricing for Reservation "Other" Items

The prices allocated to “Other” items when they were added into Reservations, were previously being taken from the first Pricing Structure created for any site. The application now uses the prices as entered in the current Pricing Structure.

Our ref: CBP-1230

Issue Running End of Day for Hotel Perfect Customers

An issue that caused issues with the end-of-day posting to the Hotel Perfect property management system has been resolved.

Our ref: CBP-640

Issue when Departing Packages with an Interface

We have resolved an issue where errors would sometimes occur when a Package was departed through a system with a hotel interface.

Our ref: CBP-1100

Issues booking couples treatment

Previously, if you book an internal appointment, put the internal appointment on the clipboard. Then try and book a couples treatment into the place where the internal appointment originally was it would say its not available to be booked.

Our ref: CBP-882

Issues departing clients

We have fixed an issue that occurred when departing clients that have a package that included stock items. The system will no longer crash.

Our ref: CBP-975

Issues departing clients

Previously, when departing clients that have a package that includes a stock item issues would occur.

Our ref: CBP-896

Issues with exiting monek card screen

Previously, when customer present is unticked and the card then declined, issues would occur with the user not being able to exit the screen.

Our ref: CBP-883

Issues within mail order

We have resolved an issue that could occur when adding an item on to a mail order.

Our ref: CBP-880

Medical Deny Issue

When booking an appointment that has a medical condition which is set to deny, however the client didn't have the medical condition that was set a deny. This was creating issues stopping the booking been completed

Our ref: CBP-1335

Members Report Differences

We’ve fixed an issue whereby the total number of members were inconsistent in the Membership Status Summary and Members Listing report.

Our ref: CBP-799

Membership Payments - Inclusive Tax Issue

Fixed an issue whereby the bill lines generated for membership payments, were always set to exclusive tax - regardless of the tax configuration - which resulted in data being displayed incorrectly.

Our ref: CBP-835

Missing Voucher Numbers

When removing a voucher from a bill, the voucher number that was allocated can now be re-used. Previously the voucher number would be reserved.

Our ref: CBP-770



Our ref: CBP-1386

Notice Board

Previously, when making any notice board amendments issues would of occurred.

Our ref: CBP-1351

Online Automatic Pricing not applying correctly with multiple Memberships

We have resolved an issue whereby Automatic Pricing would not apply correctly for an online transaction, if the client had been linked to multiple Membership Types.

Our ref: CBP-1046

Online Password Reset

We have resolved an issue where clients who were attempting to reset their passwords online would receive an email with a blank password.

Our ref: CBP-1006

Online Reset Password Blank

The Online password reset functionality will now work as expected. Previously a blank password could be sent to the customer.

Our ref: CBP-989

Receipt History Refund

We have resolved an issue with performing refund on historic receipts, when items on the receipt had promotional pricing attached to it. This will now function correctly.

Our ref: CBP-730

Reports Not Working in PCI-Compliant Environments

The application’s reports would not work in environments where older security protocols TLS 1.0 and 1.1 had been disabled. This update includes the installation of a new version of Crystal Reports and a driver that allows the reports to work in these environments.

After the update, the application will prompt for the installation of 2 new software packages. These must be installed on every client PC for the reports to work in any environment. Depending on the security of your network, this may require Administrator privileges on your computers.

Our ref: CBP-1077

Reservation Scheduling screen - Times

We have corrected an issue that meant that the times on the Scheduling screen in Reservations were not displaying correctly.

Our ref: CBP-1002

Reservations - Auto Delete Service

We've fixed an issue where cancelled Group Activity appointments booked as part of a Reservation would fail to be deleted when the AutoDelete processed them.

Our ref: CBP-1126

Safely Converted Object to Integer

Ammended Line to Safely convert an boxed object from Stored PROC to parse it to an Int as Stored Proc will always return an integer of some kind.

Our ref: CBP-1434

Scheduling Membership Reports

Previously when scheduling the ‘Members Listing’ report, issues occurred causing the saved criteria to be incorrect. The scheduled report will now pick up the correct criteria.

Our ref: CBP-790

Searching client on EPOS

An issue has been resolved with searching for clients on EPOS, that are in departures. Non-members will now be correctly returned in the application.

Our ref: CBP-850

Some members omitted from the Membership Listing report

An issue with the Membership Type description on the ‘Members Listing’ report has been fixed. If the customer has a large number of membership types the report will now correctly display.

Our ref: CBP-597

Speed improvements

We have improved the speed of the booking section of the application, for clients with lots of historical data.

Our ref: CBP-853

Speed Improvements

We have introduced several speed improvements generally across the application.

Our ref: CBP-874

Staff Names Aren't Showing in Online

We have resolved an issue with staff members not showing in Online if they have a leaving date set in the future. They will now show up until their leaving date correctly.

Our ref: CBP-921

Staff Snapshot Report

When running the staff snapshot report for a preselection, this is including a


client, discussed with James, this shouldn't be doing this


should come up when running the report for all staff members. 

NetHelpDesk ID: 147263. View in NetHelpDesk:

Our ref: CBP-779

Stock Transfer Report

We’ve optimised the Stock Transfer report when previewed as A4 with a receipt printer as default.

Our ref: CBP-894

Stock Usage - Stock Levels

We’ve fixed an issue whereby deducting a single stock item multiple times in the Stock Usage screen would result in only one stock item being deducted.

Our ref: CBP-893

Tax and Service Charges posted against Refunds

Previously, when posting refunds with multiple payment methods across a FIAS type interface, the values posted for Tax 1, Tax 2 and Service Charge were being misreported.

Our ref: CBP-1053

Till Sale - Currency History

We have fixed an issue with Currency History and Site redemption Payment Methods preventing Till Sales.

Our ref: CBP-1074

Year End Dates - Screen Positioning

We have repositioned the Year End Dates screen to display in the centre of larger screens when viewing with the application window maximised.

Our ref: CBP-1090

Anything Else

Any other items that do not fit into the above sections.

Database Indexing for Performance Improvements

We have introduced additional indexes on the Core database to improve performance of the application in numerous screens and areas.

Our ref: CBP-902

Stock Sold Quantity Issue

We’ve fixed a discrepancy in the following reports:

Staff Overview

Performance Report

Trading Summary

It now inverts the quantity of stock refunds, so the figures reported in the aforementioned reports correspond with the stock-related reports.

Our ref: CBP-980