System Updates: Version 2.12.1

Read about the latest improvements and features we've added to the Core by Premier Software product.

New Features and Changes

We regularly introduce new features into our software products. The following new features or changes have been included in this release.

Allow overlapping facility and group activity bookings

We have added a configuration option within the online portal and site setting within the application to allow overlapping facility and group activity bookings. This is for online bookings and within the application.

Our ref: CBP-1683

Next-Generation Opera Interface

Core now has a next-generation, two-way interface to Opera that synchronises client profiles and reservations, as well as financial charges and room postings.

Please contact our sales department for pricing: +44 (0)1543 466580/

[email protected]

Our ref: CBP-1456


We regularly review client feedback and support issues. The following items have been resolved in this release.

"Other" Items within Reservations not Showing on Departure

We have resolved an issue with departing Reservations, with “Other” items not showing. If another Package including a Non-stock Sales Item was departed at the same time as a Package with “Other” items added to it, e.g. Miscellaneous or Food and Drink Non-stock Sales Items, then on occasions these “Other” items were not displayed on the Departure screen.

Our ref: CBP-1080

A4 Receipt Layout

We have adjusted the layout of the A4 receipt print by aligning columns, adjusting column heights and widths etc to improve the look ad readability

Our ref: CBP-1199

Admin/ Manager - Members search issues

Previously the search would return incorrect members/ clients from other sites. This has now been corrected.

Our ref: CBP-1086

Allow Multiple Users to Open a Reservation

To resolve issues where multiple users had made changes to a reservation at the same time, causing issues within the system, we added in a lock to prevent multiple users from opening the same reservation in Core 2.11.1.

Following customer feedback, we have introduced the ability for other users to open a reservation as read-only if another user has it open, or to allow users to override this “lock” and still open the reservation at the same time.

We have also introduced additional auditing to show when a reservation has been opened and closed:

Our ref: CBP-1032

Amending and Removing Additional Items on Reservations

It is now possible to correctly amend and remove additional items from reservations that were created by the ParcVu interface.

Our ref: CBP-1720

Appointment Confirmation & Reminders

We have amended the check boxs for sending SMS Reminders & Confirmations & Email Confirmation and Reminders from the appointment review screen to save when they are checked/unchecked

Our ref: CBP-1658

Appointment Waiting List - Adding New Clients

We've fixed an issue where adding a new client to the appointment waiting list would cause the application to crash.

Our ref: CBP-701

Auto delete packages

When a package is booked online with multiple appointments, we have amended the aut delete code to cater for the multple appointments

Our ref: CBP-1570

Auto Logout - Switching Users Issue

We've fixed an issue where the system didn't warn users about possible data loss when logging in following an auto logout event.

Our ref: CBP-1136

Auto-Book Facility Appointments on a Reservation

The Book All button in Reservations has been changed to read “Auto-Book Appointments” and a note added to indicate that this feature does not currently handle facility appointments.

Our ref: CBP-572

Bill/ Depart of 2+ Staff Appointments in Packages

An application crash on the payment method allocation screen, when bill/ departing 2+ staff appointments part of a package, has now been resolved.

Our ref: CBP-1025

Client Card - Membership Details

The membership details section in the client card now displays if the membership is active, inactive, or on hold.

Our ref: CBP-1007

Client Card - Visits tab - Package Selections

The Visits tab on a Client Card no longer shows un-selected options from Package appointment selections as un-scheduled. Only the selected appointment is now listed.

Our ref: CBP-403

Core - Postcode Fields - Shortcuts Issue

We've fixed an issue where users were unable to use the CTRL + V shortcut on postcode fields.

Our ref: CBP-1075

Creating Membership Payments with a very high number of pending Departures

Creating a new member and taking a Membership Payment will no longer cause the application to error, if there are a significant number of pending Departures.

Our ref: CBP-1218

Dashboard - Bookings Made

We've fixed an issue where the bookings made graph was including deleted appointments.

Our ref: CBP-1118

Dashboard, Bookings made today including internal appointments incorrectly

Within the dashboard, the bookings made today graph was including internal booked appointments, this has now been amended to exlude them.

Our ref: CBP-1060

De-allocating Stock from a Stock Room

De-allocating stock items from a stock room no longer causes the application to close.

Our ref: CBP-538

Departing Discounted Packages containing Non-stock Items

We have fixed an issue, whereby if a promotional discount was applied to a Package that contained Non-stock Sale Items, the item prices were being mis-reported when the Package was departed.

Our ref: CBP-1106

Departing Packages containing Non-stock Items when Discounted

We have fixed an issue, whereby if a promotional discount was applied to a Package that contained Non-stock Items, the item prices were being mis-reported when the Package was departed.

Our ref: CBP-1112

Diary Blocking Out

An issue has been resolved when adjusting not available time blocks.

Our ref: CBP-1652

Discount applied to refund line application freezes

Discount applied to refund line application freezes

Our ref: CBP-1509

Discounts given report issue

Previously an issue occurred when the report got back an original price of zero.

Our ref: CBP-1085

End Of Day

Using Hotel Perfect, End of day will now only pick up the sites bills not other sites

Our ref: CBP-1786

End of Shift Report Showing Blank

An issue has been corrected that may have caused the end-of-shift report to show blank.

Our ref: CBP-965

Extras on Reservations

Reception no longer closes when adding an extra (non-stock item) to a reservation.

Our ref: CBP-1806

French users unable to process

We have amended the functionallity when amending bills to cater for French users

Our ref: CBP-1200

Future paid change issue

Previously, if you had two appointments, both future paid. Discounting or swap one of the appointments to have a lower price at departure resulted in the change being calculated incorrectly.

Our ref: CBP-1088

Group Activity Booking - Departures

We've fixed an issue where bill lines wouldn't be generated when departing a Group Activity from the Group Activity Booking screen.

Our ref: CBP-1076

Incorrect Pricing for Reservation "Other" Items

The prices allocated to “Other” items when they were added into Reservations, were previously being taken from the first Pricing Structure created for any site. The application now uses the prices as entered in the current Pricing Structure.

Our ref: CBP-1230

Inflated Future Payment Values

Future payments that were paid for by multiple payment methods no longer redeem as double the original value on departure.

Our ref: CBP-1624

Interface Posting Couple's Treatments

Couple's treatments should now post successfully across PMS interfaces.

Our ref: CBP-1738

Issue Creating Reservations

We have resolved an issue creating reservations for customers upgrading to 2.12.1+ from early 2.11.1 releases.

Our ref: CBP-1688

Issue when Departing Packages with an Interface

We have resolved an issue where errors would sometimes occur when a Package was departed through a system with a hotel interface.

Our ref: CBP-1100

Issue with Facility Appointments Auto-Delete

Fixed an issue with facility bookings in reservations after the Online by Premier auto-delete process removed a reservation for non-payment.

Our ref: CBP-1623

Large Figures in Commission Type Setup

The Commission Type Setup screen will no longer cause the application to close when a large number is entered (for example: 99999999.99)

Our ref: CBP-864

Lotalty Report Filters

We have amended the Loytalty report to respect the filters on the report screen

Our ref: CBP-1198

Mail Order - Search Performance Improvements

We've made significant performance improvements to the mail order search.

Our ref: CBP-1082

Marked for Internal Testing as issue has been resolved in 2.12.1

Marked for UAT as resolved as of

Our ref: CBP-1741

Marked for UAT as SP has been modified.

Marked for UAT as SP has been modified.

Our ref: CBP-1690

Marking an Appointment Code as Ended

Resolved an issue that caused a “failed to retrieve data from database” message to be displayed when setting an end-date against an appointment code that has future bookings against it.

Our ref: CBP-493

Medical Deny During Drag and Drop

A Medical Deny waring was appearing incorrectly during the drag and drop of an appointment on the appointment book, this has ben corrected.

Our ref: CBP-1508

Medical Types

Previously, within medical types when reordering the items, this would of not saved the order in which you placed them.

Our ref: CBP-1260

Membership Site Displayed in Member Search

The correct site now displays in the Member Search screen for a member that signed up for a membership at a different site.

For example: a member signs up for a membership at site A, at site B. Their correct “home” site now displays in the search results.

Our ref: CBP-627

Online Voucher Number Duplication

Voucher numbers purchased within Online were being duplicated when the voucher prefix was not set in the application. Core now defaults the Online voucher prefix to the first 2 characters of the site code.

Our ref: CBP-1117

Patch tests and medical

Previously when setting medical or patch tests as required on an appointment, upon arrival a system crash would of occurred. This has been resolved.

Our ref: CBP-1262

Patch Tests when arriving Reservations

Patch Tests no longer cause issues when arriving Reservation clients who have not yet had or passed a Patch Test that is linked to an appointment within their booking.

Our ref: CBP-1511

Performance Improvement When Removing Linked Members

We have improved the performance of removing linked members.

Our ref: CBP-1687

Postcodes Entered in Online by Premier Software

Postcodes entered when a customer creates a new account in Online by Premier Software are now capitalised.

Our ref: CBP-752

Pricing issue on Manager Override

Previously if you have gratuity configured on your system and had one of the percentages at 0. If you then did a client sale for that category and subsequently changed the reason code to be a manual override, the total to pay would calculate incorrectly.

Our ref: CBP-1098

Product Waiting List Sales

Stock sales performed from the Product Waiting List were incorrectly increasing the in stock quantity. This has now been corrected.

Our ref: CBP-1507

Promotional Pricing with Service Charge

It is now possible to set a manager-override promotional price when service charge is enabled, but not in use for items on the bill.

Our ref: CBP-1731

Reports - Selections

If you select a preselection and then click the selections, it no longer shows staff members that aren't allocated to the selected preselection.

Our ref: CBP-1047

Reservation Client Details

We have resolved an issue with returning to the reservation screen from client details

Our ref: CBP-1670

Reservation Extras

Discounts can now be allocated to Reservation Extras

Our ref: CBP-1530

Reservation Portal - Selections

If you add a package with a selection to a reservation, it now shows correctly in the reservation portal

Our ref: CBP-1682

Reservation Search - Screen Order Changing

The order of searched reservations, when returning to the search grid from a reservation, is now retained.

Our ref: CBP-1041

Reservation Setup - Package Availability

The package availability popup now suggests removing and adding the package to select a different timeband if necessary.

Our ref: CBP-1079

Reservations Booked Report Correction for Selections

We have improved the Reservations Booked report so it counts the correct quantity when multiple items of the same appointment type in a selection are booked.

Our ref: CBP-772

Room Hours Report

An issue has been corrected that caused the application to close when the Room Hours report was exported to Excel.

Our ref: CBP-591

Rounding Corrections on Staff Commission Report

The Grand Total field on the Staff Commission Report may not equals the sum of the individual staff totals.

This was due to a rounding issue in the figures and has been corrected.

Our ref: CBP-995

Schedule Print

Customer specific work

Our ref: CBP-1657

Schedule Print

Customers specific change

Our ref: CBP-1656

Service Charge

Previously, when the system gratuity set to add to bill this would not correctly calculate the gratuity.

Our ref: CBP-1571

Setting Up Monthly Scheduled Reports

The application no longer closes when you select the “Monthly” interval for a scheduled report and do not select a day of the month to run the report.

Our ref: CBP-445

Site Membership Options - SEPA Creditor ID

When you enter characters in caps into the Creditor ID field in Membership Options it will no longer default all but the first character to lowercase.

Our ref: CBP-1035

Staff rota

When editing a Rota and there is a clash with an appointment issues would occurred.

Our ref: CBP-1638

Stock Room stocktake reverting to 'Main'

When starting a stock take for a stock room other than ‘Main’, when the user clicks save it now stores the selected stock room.

Our ref: CBP-1311

Stock Valuation Report Duplicating Items - Oceo Spa

Site: Oceo Spa

Contact: General User

Priority: P2 - Major Inconvenience 

Issue: In

we corrected some issues with the stock take reports showing duplicate items. The client has now reported the same with the Stock valuation report and needs a speedy resolution.

NetHelpDesk ID: 149182. View in NetHelpDesk:

Our ref: CBP-821

Stock Valuation Report issue

Previously when running this report you would get duplicated stock items.

Our ref: CBP-1072

Tax and Service Charges posted against Refunds

Previously, when posting refunds with multiple payment methods across a FIAS type interface, the values posted for Tax 1, Tax 2 and Service Charge were being misreported.

Our ref: CBP-1053

Unable to Bulk Depart Group Activities on Reservation

The system is now able to bulk-depart group activity bookings that are part of a reservation.

Our ref: CBP-1282

Unable to discount Extras on Reservations

When departing a package that has other items on it, you can now assign promotional codes to the other item.

Our ref: CBP-1069

Unsuccessful Login

When you unsuccessfully log in, and then log in, it now resets the unsuccessful count.

Our ref: CBP-1679

Visit Tab

Appointments will now correctly show on the visit tab

Our ref: CBP-1681

Warning Patch Tests on Arrival

Arrivals with a patch test that triggers a warning no longer cause the application to close when clicking the Patch Test message board icon on the Arrivals screen.

Our ref: CBP-1686