Partner API Updates: Version 1.1.0

Read about the latest improvements and features we've added to the Premier API for partners and integrators.


We regularly review client feedback and support issues. The following items have been resolved in this release.

/Package/Search Hangs When a Timeband Is Deactivated

When a package timeband that was previously bookable is de-activated (by changing the times back to 00:00) this could cause the /Package/Search endpoint to hang with high CPU usage. This issue has been corrected.

Our ref: API-88

API - Session Start Endpoint



endpoint no longer returns an "Invalid Credentials" response if the credentials are correct and the latest user password has expired.

Our ref: API-40

Divide by Zero Error

We have fixed a divide-by-zero error when creating a bill that has no monetary value.

Our ref: API-100

End Of Day

Bills put through the api and the end of day has been done for that day, the bill will be pushed onto the next day.

Our ref: API-116

Error 500 When Creating a Bill

An Internal Server Error has been resolved in the /Bill endpoint when a payment method was not provided.

Our ref: API-82

Group Activity Promotional Codes

We have amaneded the API to look at the the promotion codes for reservations

Our ref: API-99

Introduced Package Validation on /Reservation

When posting or patching a reservation with a new package, the package ID is now validated that it is allocated to the site the reservation is due to take place at.

This prevents a 500 Internal Server Error and now returns a 400 Bad Request with the message "The package ID 'X' is not valid or is not allocated to site ID 'Y'".

Our ref: API-102

Invalid Payment Method in /Bill

Invalid payment method IDs passed to the /Bill endpoint now return a validation message instead of a 500 Internal Server Error.

Our ref: API-108

Package Endpoint

When using /package endpoint it will return inactive packages as long as the dates you pass are within the package start and end time.

Our ref: API-122

Package Selection Details

A new property SelectionDetails has been added to the PackageItemDTO. On the /Package and /Reservation endpoints, if a package item is a selection, you will now get a new SelectionDetails property containing the ID of the selection itself.

We have also renamed the "PackageSiteReservationSelectionID" property in the /Finalise endpoint to simply "SelectionID". You should continue passing the selection's "ItemID" as returned from the /Reservation endpoints into this property.

Our ref: API-64

Payment Method on Bills

The Payment Method is no longer set to Web Payment against individual bill lines.

Our ref: API-72

PMS Interfaces Posting Revenue

Opera HTNG, Zonal and InfoData interfaces will now post revenue to the PMS if configured on the payment method.

Our ref: API-115

Reserving Packages Active in Future

The API will now use the package's start and end dates to determine if it is available for sale at the time of the reservation. Previously it could only sell packages that are available now.

Our ref: API-103