Partner API Updates: Version

Read about the latest improvements and features we've added to the Premier API for partners and integrators.

New Features and Changes

We regularly introduce new features into our software products. The following new features or changes have been included in this release.

Auto-delete additional appointments added to an existing reservation

The PATCH /Reservation/{id} endpoint now includes additional parameters to allow items added during the PATCH call to be auto-deleted if no payment is received and the reservation itself is not under an auto-delete session.

This change requires Core or later to function correctly.

In API version, the auto-delete time is not returned if no auto-delete items were added, and the /Bill endpoint will remove multiple items added with the same auto-delete session token.

Our ref: API-29


We regularly review client feedback and support issues. The following items have been resolved in this release.

Group activity search returns activities not marked as web-bookable

The /GroupAppointment/Search endpoint could incorrectly return activities that could not be booked as they are not marked as web-bookable within Core.

A new parameter has been added to the endpoint to allow activities that are not marked as web-bookable to be returned.

This change requires Core or later.

Our ref: API-25

Internal Server Error when calling PATCH /Reservation endpoint

When calling the PATCH /Reservation endpoint to remove a non-stock item (e.g. a welcome drink on arrival) the API could return an Internal Server Error.

This error occurred on Core 2.11.1 versions prior to

Our ref: API-28

Internal Server Error when PATCHing a reservation

The PATCH /Reservation/{id} endpoint could return an Internal Server Error when adding some client accounts to a reservation.

This change requires Core or later.

Our ref: API-27

Unable to book group activity for a specific gender

When a group activity has an overridden gender at individual timetable item level (Group Activity Timetable Item) - i.e. a gender for a specific class that is different to the group appointment code - it is not possible to book the activity.

The API returns a validation error stating the gender is incorrect.

This change requires Core or later.

Our ref: API-26