Partner API Updates: Version

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We regularly review client feedback and support issues. The following items have been resolved in this release.

/GroupAppointmentType endpoint returns different results on different days

If you didn’t pass a specific date to the /GroupAppointmentType endpoint, only activities that were scheduled on the day you made the call would be returned.

This behaviour was to allow returning the price of the appointment types. Pricing is based on the day of the week the activity is scheduled.

Now, when you don’t pass a date to this endpoint, all appointment types are returned however pricing is omitted. You can use the “appointmentDateTime” URL query-string to return the list of valid activities and their pricing for a given date.

Our ref: API-19

Gender for an individual class may not be returned correctly

The gender for a class (group activity) was not returned correctly if the gender was overridden for a specific class (using Group Activity Timetable Amendments.)

The gender was being returned from the group appointment type configuration.

The gender is now returned correctly from the timetable amendments.

This requires Core or later.

Our ref: API-22

Internal Server Error when adding a group activity to a reservation when the activity is not timetabled

Adding a group appointment to a reservation on a day when the activity is not timetabled would result in an Internal Server Error.

The error message has been changed to reflect the actual reason and this is returned as a 422 (Unprocessable Entity.) This behaviour is reflected for all items - e.g. adding an appointment type that has an end date earlier than the reservation date.

It is possible to ignore this error by passing in “continueIfItemUnavailable=true” in the query-string to either POST or PATCH /Reservation. This will still create the reservation and any other items that are valid. The incorrect item will be returned in the Errors property of the response.

Our ref: API-20

Internal Server Error when booking a package that contains selections

When adding a package to a reservation using the POST or PATCH /Reservation endpoint, the API would return an Internal Server Error if the package you were adding contains selections.

This error has been corrected and packages with selections will book correctly.

This change requires Core or later.

Our ref: API-23

Internal Server Error when posting a zero value bill to /Bill

The API would return an Internal Server Error when posting a zero-value bill to the /Bill endpoint.

The bill is now created successfully and any appointment or reservation “auto-delete” reservations are removed.

Our ref: API-24

Suspended group activities are returned in /GroupAppointment/Search

Suspended group activities were being returned in the search endpoint /GroupAppointment/Search.

Suspended classes are no longer returned, however you can still include them by passing the property “IncludeSuspended” as “true” in your search criteria.

A new property “IsSuspended” is returned for each result.

This requires Core or later.

Our ref: API-21